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Posted: Oct 8, 2018 @ 9:07pm
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It's a shame that Steam allowed such travesty to be released in the first place. This game is an obvious incitation of violence against black, women, LGBT and left-wing people and a glorification of a tyrant, crooked, nazi-like scumbag. Try to imagine a game where you can play as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mubutu, Idi Amin Dada, Saddam Hussein or Muammar al-Qaddafi, or even Donald Trump, and your role is mass killing people and political enemies? This is BOLSOMITO 2K18. Remember Hatred and Ethnic Cleansing? This is just as bad, if not even worse. Try to imagine Postal without sarcasm. There it is.

Bolsonaro is a nazi-like far-right wing brazilian politician running for president. He does have many supporters but, at the same time, is one of the most hated and infamous politicians in Brazil - and worldwide thereof.

He's supportive of Brazil's military government (1964-1985). One of his infamous quotes is "Military government's mistake was torturing rather than killing". He was publicly broadcasted worshipping Carlos Brilhante Ustra from DOI-CODI, the first officially recognized torturer from brazilian military government, as a "national hero".

Officialy, it's responsible for the death of hundreds of people. The death tool from the National Committee of Truth revealed is 377. Unofficially, the number is far higher than this - according to many witnesses - but the real numbers can't be revealed because of a law from 1979 called Amnesty Law (military's creation) preventing any further investigation into the military's archives or convict crimes from this period. It's crimes against mankind has been recognized by Amnesty International and the UN.

He was also sympathizer of Chile's Augusto Pinochet military government regime. Pinochet was arrested by Scotland Yard in 1998 under the charges of genocide, terrorism and torture.

He made several hate speeches against black people, women and LGBT - and this games sums up very well his agenda. One of his offenses include "women deserve lower wages because they get pregnant", "you're so ugly and don't deserve to be ♥♥♥♥♥", "I would be ashamed if I had a LGBT son", "if your son is getting gay, take a beat on him", "homossexuals are pedophiles", "black people are worthless and aren't good for breeding", "black people actually enslaved the white in Africa", "I have five sons, four men, the fifth I got weak and I had a baby girl", "minority needs to bow to the majority", "refugees are scum".

He has been convicted and fined many times by Brazilian justice for those offenses. The only reason why he's was never arrested is because he have the privilege of helding legal immunity for being a federal deputy, a flaw in Brazilian law allowing politicians to be untouched. Besides, he was a deputy for around 28-years and berely made any projects during his tenure before presidency.

He constantly call himself "incorruptible" and "never accepted any type of bribery", heavily supported by his followers, but his (and family) patrimony far outweigh his declared gain. By 2010 to 2014, his patrimony had a 150% rose and bought five several million dollars luxury apartments way below the actual price. According to accountability, his salary does not match his patrimony. Plus, although his patrimony, he receives housing aids from the House of Representatives, claiming to use it because he was single and wanted to "♥♥♥♥ people".

His name is mentioned in a slush fund scheme from Furnas in 2002, confirmed authentic by Federal Police. He say the list is fake without proving his claims. He is also mentioned in Operation Weak Meat for receiving R$ 200,000 from JBS S.A.. Again, he denies the fact by claiming he didn't accepted it and took it back, but Superior Electoral Court's report indicated the money was indeed deposited in his bank account.

While blaming everything wrong on left-wing's back, he's completely lenient to right-wing and financial system corruption - both supportive of him. May I remind he was from the same party from Paulo Maluf for years - one of the most crooked politicians in Brazil, wanted from Interpol, and a former military government governor - and never said a word about him. Also, he's supported by Edir Macedo, one of the most controversial and richest neo-charismatic leaders in Brazil, accused of many crimes and financially exploring his followers for his own benefit.

Most recently, COAF identified suspicious activities from his driver's son, Fabrício Queiroz, and started an inquiry to investigate his bank account. They found an unexplained sum of R$ 1,2 million on it and later found a R$ 24,000 deposit into Bolsonaro's wife, Michelle, bank account. He was called for an investigation but skipped the sessions twice in a roll claiming health issues, but shortly after his absence in the investigation, he was broadcasted conceding interview to SBT.

Folha de S. Paulo dennounced, in the 2nd round of presidential election, that he and his entourage built an off the record slush fund scheme to spread fake news all around social networks, most notably WhatsApp, in order to influence the public opinion and win the election.

Besides all of this, he's portraited by his followers as "the only honest politician in Brazil", "families' values defender", "patriot", "God's man", "peacemaker" and "corruption fighter". Remember the 50's Joseph McCarthy's anticommunist paranoia in the US - one of the darkiest days in US history? He's supportive of the same arguments and tactics from this age. He blames communism and socialism as the culprit of everything bad that happened (and happens) in the country and an evil to be defeated, in sum, promoting the idea that brazilian corruption was their creation, while inciting rage and violence against anyone supportive of this political ideology, or calling anyone opposite to him as "communist".

To justify his actions, he claim he won't let Brazil become a new Cuba or Venezuela communist dictatorship, another often used argument from his supporters - ironic because, around 1999, he praised Hugo Chavez as a "hope to Latin America". They call anyone contesting his methods as "communist" and his supporters are adept of these cheap and decorated arguments.

Remember Marielle Franco, a left-wing activist recently cowardly and brutally murdered in Rio de Janeiro while investigating state-funded armed militias? A street was named in her memory. Two party colleagues from Bolsonaro, Rodrigo Amorim and Daniel Silveira, at the presence of Wilson Witzel, Rio de Janeiro's new elected goverrnor, and Bolsonaro's ally, for 2018 elections, destroyed the street plate with her name while celebrating the action with the present crowd.

In the first round of brazilian presidential election in Rio de Janeiro, the west side of the city, heavily controlled by armed militias, made lobby for Bolsonaro and his party colleagues. In order for the armed militias support your campaign, you need to pay them money, otherwise they won't let you in, or even kill you.

Try to imagine the most extreme Republican party politician, a KKK clansman or a neo-nazi, it's the same thinking. Do you think Donald Trump is bad? Bolsonaro makes him look like an angel in return.

The developer who made this game is a despicable scumbag and it shows how low can game development go. This is an attempt to capitalize on people's hate and ignorance.

Anyway, brazilian public ministry opened an inquiry against the dev.

Update: Bolsonaro's supporters, known as bolsominions, floods and attacks anyone adverse to him. This is no surprise, as this happens with whatever news outlet posting anything adverse to him, as he's inciting this behaviour against the media and journalists, calling them "enemies of the people".
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