If I Dont See My Money Anytime Soon
Motherfucker Trust That Imma Put Some Balloons
Up In Yo House You Gon Go Up
Like The Cartoon Shit Like The Disney Stuff
And When I Do What I Do I Do It Like That
Pop Those Fuckers Like Brap Brap Brap
When I Get The Shot I Will Use It
You Dont Need To Lose It
Pause Doh I Aint Talking Like The Hop Son
Oh Shit Is That A Fucking Cop Son?


Baby Gurl Lets Hit
Matter Fact Lets Get In A Twist
Matter Fact I Got A Matress
In My Room
Come Soon
Hold Up
What The Fuck You Gon Up Up
I Dont Even Know How To Control This Shit Left Up Down Left Up Left Lelf
Hold Up
Yea You The Shit
No Im Not Bitch Hold Up
What The Hell You Mean Hold Up
How Many Times Am I Gonna Say Hold Up
Hold Up
Wait A Minute
Imma Just Gon Do Lemme Just Get A Feeling
Baby Gurl What You Doing All Up In My Room
Imma Do My Own Thing And You About To Be Doomed
Oh Shit I Hope Papis
I Just Want A Want A Pumpkin Pie


Hollow Knight N Doki Doki 4 Life...

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