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Hi. I'm Mr. Red. "Most casual of casual players. (Un-telivised) Personality turned normal person and outright joy to be around"

...PC IS FINALLY upgraded! (v2). [April 7th, 2019] :steamhappy: :cozyrealmroyale: :cozybrawlhalla1: :steamhappy::steamhappy:

Remember games aren't everything. Family and friends are important, too. Spend game time with them for even better results.


"You know something just occurred to me. There's like a billion chinese. I don't think anyone's gonna get too upset if I break one of them.."
"I'm not even Chinese! I'm from L.A."

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My favorite glitchy/lag moments from 1 epic FFA Super Ball match
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I don't always like lens flare, but in this case, it makes sense & I'll make an exception. J.J. Abrams would probably love this game :D
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This ship not only looks like a Star Wars villian, but it's AWESOME in bullet damage and # of beams, too! :D what's crazy is I found this off one of my own songs (acoustic +vocals)

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+ Rep, fast and friendly!
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Stopping by to say and tell you I love your RRDD:dd_bot: Review, good work and another good review, by the Red one!:steamthumbsup::UT2004flak:Hope all is well!:vulcansalute:
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+rep, good and friendly trader.
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+rep, reasonable and friendly trader :cozyspaceengineersc:
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hi :bbtcat:~
Wyote Feb 7, 2021 @ 5:25pm 
Hey man i dont know if you play Gotham City Impostors but im making a discord server for GCI and id love for some older players to join in and get back into the game im going to send you a friend request accept it if you wanna get back into the game