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I'm a married father of three, exploring gaming & other personal interests. My broadcasting schedule across multiple platforms is Monday - Thursday 9pm EST. For more information you can visit my website:
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MrGlasco 21 hours ago 
🎮 Let's Play: Enter the Gungeon (PC) BANG! BANG!

I've had Enter the Gungeon for quite some time now, and I think the mood is just right to give it a try. Enter the Gungeon will be my first dungeon crawling rogue like game since Dead Cells, let's see if I enjoy this as much as that.

MrGlasco Dec 13 @ 7:45pm 
🎮 Let's Play: DiRT Rally (PC) Don't Cut & Chill

Racing around in Star Citizen gave me the urge to play a racing game, and my interest was recently peaked by DiRT Rally. Also known as the Dark Souls of racing games, DiRT Rally should also help me scratch the itch for a good challenge while racing.

MrGlasco Dec 12 @ 6:59pm 
🎮 Let's Play: Star Citizen (PC) Shooting, Dogfighting & Racing

Let's see what else Star Citizen has to offer by playing a different game modes. There's Star Marine mode for first person shooting and Arena Commander for dogfighting and racing. These modes should help me become a more competent player in the Universe at large, right?

MrGlasco Dec 12 @ 3:00pm 
In an effort to promote a healthy gaming community, I routinely stream a fitness workout before my primary broadcast. I call this #PreGaming!

Scott Cole Discover Tai Chi For Beginners DVD:

MrGlasco Dec 10 @ 8:39pm 
🎮 Let's Play: Star Citizen (PC) Blind Onboarding

I've passively watched some Star Citizen LIVE streams in the past, and I'm familiar with other games in the same genre (i.e. Elite Dangerous and EVE Online). Games like these tend to have a pretty substantial learning curve, and going in blind is not normally advised.

However, I'm curious about the active first person exploration and potential role playing elements of this game. Can I role play as the hopelessly ignorant amateur pilot that organically grows and develops into something more solely within the universe of Star Citizen?

MrGlasco Dec 6 @ 7:02pm 
🎮 Let's Play: Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) Turf Wars DLC

Switching things up from our God of War finale, tonight we're going to play the Turf Wars DLC for Marvel's Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4. New suits, new villains, new content, let's go!