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- Senator at the CLWO Community.

Ex-Owner of gProject.
Ex-Owner of some previous CLWO Servers (Surf, Bhop etc).
Ex-Member of the Outbreak Community (UK).
Administrator of the ESL Outbreak Summer 2016 Tournament. [Complete]
Administrator of the CLWO Winter Competitive Event (#5) [Complete]

Attended i56, i57, i58, i59, i60, i62.


Top Quotes:

- [SM] The answer to best SA is: GibbyGibson.
- >[DEAD] Scotty G: I have AIDS
- Broseidon: "You know what is fucked up? When we have more Guardians (11) than Moderators (8) and Senior Moderators (5) put together"

[SM] Vote successful. (Received 74% of 19 votes)
[SM] The answer to Worst tmod is: Kae.

[SM] Vote successful. (Received 84% of 31 votes)
[SM] The answer to Who finds it much more quiet when Kae is muted? is: I Do.

> Rex: Demote Kae, Make clwo great again



CLWO: https://CLWO.eu
CLWO Jailbreak: connect jb.clwo.eu
CLWO TTT: connect ttt.clwo.eu


Poker Tournament Results
- PKR €50 GTD Freeroll Rebuy, 4/1/17 @ 7:00PM GMT - 8th (2498) {rip PKR FeelsBadMan}
- PokerStars Half-Price Sunday Storm $250k GTD, 14/08/17 @ 6:00PM - 835th (64590)
- PokerStars $1k GTD Zoom NLHE, 31/08/17 @ 4:40PM GMT - 6th (1261)
- PokerStars $3.5k GTD Bounty Builder NLHE, 29/11/17 @ 7:30PM GMT - 53rd (5157)
- PokerStars $10k GTD Micro Battle Royale NLHE, 14/02/18 @ 7:00PM GMT - 6th (5207)

- APAT WCOAP "NLHE Survival Shootout Championship", 05/04/18 @ 8PM GMT - 6th (48)
- APAT WCOAP "Mix Max (NLHE) Championship", 07/04/18 @ 1PM GMT - 8th (67)
- APAT WCOAP "Crazy Pineapple Championship", 08/04/18 @ 4PM GMT - 6th (68)

- Played the PartyPoker Grand Prix Germany 2017 (€200 + €25)
- Played the GPS Mini Westcliff 2018 (£200+£20)
- Qualified to DTD200 (£200+£20) from a Freeroll ticket
- Qualified to DTD100 (£100+£10) from a $1.10 Satellite, a $27.50 Satellite & a Centroll ($0.01)

Favorite Group
Classy Wolves - Public Group
The Official CLWO community group
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Krokanteknul Jul 11 @ 11:43am 
Accept my friend request
Need to ask you something
Kai Jul 9 @ 4:56pm 

Are u fuing retard? You have something wrong with ur fucking brian. U say BOT ME because i losed game 16-5 to you being only player who tried something new instead of others who just troll about server. Fucking idoit.. wannabe god... Go and get some help in u're brian because u're not okay person.
Karmaa Jul 9 @ 10:13am 
┃  ● ═══   █ ┃
┃█ you're adopted. █┃
┃█  -Mom&Dad  █┃
┃    ○     ┃
Karmaa Jul 9 @ 5:07am 
+Rep Funny Guy But im still not vac banned :)
Kai Jul 3 @ 8:26am 

got this guy as a teammate in matchmaking. as soon as 1st round starts, he types an automatic message into chat - "Hello Team, I apolgoise in advance for my performance, I paid for a boost to this rank because I was sick of cheaters in my previous rank, just don't get mad at me, and we'll have a pleasant game" --- No problem I thought, I'm a pretty gd player, as long as he gets 10 or so frags we'll be fine in this match. Fastforward 30 rounds, this guy has killed us twice, and ends up at -2 / 0 / 30. I got mad at him around round 13, and he and his premade changed their clantags and just kept spamming 'urcheekswet' to me. If you get this retard in MM you may as well just leave, worst player i've ever seen in my life.
RomanianCommunist Jun 17 @ 11:53pm 
+rep Almost broke jb server yesterday! Great Guy! :tinder: