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TF2’s Failed Dictionary Explained---Feel Free To Copy and Use Aswell.

Sharking: When A Player “Trades” another un-knowledgeable player and offers something worth far less for something worth far more. It is also sharking if he knowingly lies about a price to make a profit.Notice how I said “trades” a player.
Example: *Player1 trades Player2(Noob)*
Player1: Hey can I buy your buds its worth a scrap.
Player2: Yeah sure since its only worth a scrap.
*Trade Happends*
Now! Heres a misconception! If Player2(Noob) trades Player1 and offers his buds for a gifted haunted metal! That is NOT sharking nor scamming! That would only make player1 a merchant on a large and possibly dishonest scale although not sharking/scamming. Yes there is a thin line between everything. Although there has to be a line somewhere. Technically the noob sharked him self. Is it fair? Well let’s not get into philosophy.

Scammer: swindler: a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud. (Google) In other words somebody who changes exactly what was agreed on without you knowing or does not follow on what he agreed on. A good example would be quickswitching.
Player1: Puts a Unusual Team captain in trade and asks for 50 buds.
Player2: While player 2 is placing his 50 buds because he feels its a great deal.
Player1: Switches the Unusual for a unique team captain.
Player2: Being all excited after is done placing all his items immediately accepts!
That is called a quick switch scam.
Paying for a item on PayPal and retracting is scamming. Having somebody pay for a item on paypal then not giving to him is scamming. Offering outside offers from steam for items and not giving your offer after the trade is scamming. This list can go on. There is a difference between Scamming and Sharking. Again somewhat a thin line between them.
Last but not least

Snaking: Snaking is referred to stealing some bodies offer.
Player1: Selling Apoco fist 2 ref
Player2: Okay il buy it let me make some metal
Player3: Trades player one and buys it.
Or as we see on outpost people post what they are selling the same cheaper on some bodies else’s post.

Scamming/Sharking/Snaking/Profiting ARE NOT THE SAME THING.

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