Mr. Chicken
i'm going swiming with my favorite toaster   Al Jawf, Yemen
Hardcore gamers can be girls too
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my songs and JJLegoblaster CustomZ
r as in roger and the box key type c as in cyle m as in mother and d as in dick
then type color a and tree

you can come and give me a call anytime feel free to hit me up 17056779795 kthx
you can also add me on skype anytime feel free to hit me up live:horizonmb_1
for some reason all my starbound characters are female and naked


niggers [im gay]

BTW I don't sell or trade so fuck off i'm not interested in your shitty fucking trades you fucking cunts

Please don't swear on my profile, this is a muslim profile, thank you.

Please just call me.


Come on, please just do it.

I just want some lego blasting good pussy man.

Please, lego blasting ain't so hot by myself.

I just want to fuck some shit talking Jimbos.
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after playing this game, I cant stand up

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2,000 hours worth of faps
Mr. Chicken Jul 4 @ 1:30pm 
ya my new goal is 2,000
Skazeet Jul 4 @ 1:19pm 
1,000 hours on nekopara
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btw im a true nice gentleman, i killed my fair share of women