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If I were the best, then it wouldnt be fair. Then again, life isn't fair.

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My Goal
I know that a lot of people want to catch ‘em all, but my job is much bigger challenge. It is my goal to masturbate to all 807 Pokémon, plain and simple. I usually try to do it twice a day, regardless of the difficulties. At the end, I always win. I go onto places like DeviantArt, Rule 34 and, occasionally, e621 in order to achieve this massive goal, and when I do, I will become a Pokémon Master. Sometimes, it is easy. I can cum in five minutes looking at Gardevoir or Lopunny pornos. Sometimes I come across a major challenge that I have to overcome, in the case of Garbodor or Magikarp especially. I have to imagine the wet, sloppy fish mouth sucking on my cock without thinking about the actual fish itself. It is very hard, but the satisfaction you get when you achieve victory is immense. Not only do you get the generally pleasurable feeling from ejaculation, but you also know that you overcame an obstacle few men have dared to try. I have a total of 347 ejaculations, but it only gets harder as I move on. When I see a Serperior, for instance, I have to think to myself "In what way can I imagine this creature in order to get off to it?" It is a puzzle for sure, considering I do not have a thing for (most) of these creatures, making it extremely entertaining and interesting for others to watch. I try to focus in on its somewhat beautiful face, and think about that more than the yards of snake behind it. I sometimes have issues with Pokemon like Machamp, who appear extremely male. But I always find a way. There has been no hurdle too steep for me. I want to be the very best. Anything lower does not cut it. And that is why I am beating off to pictures of Lucario on the Internet.
Favorite Game
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rob_owner Apr 30, 2017 @ 2:59am 
If I were told at gunpoint to smoke an entire marijuana
I would just say "shoot me", because either way will have
the same result of death, and I want to die with dignity
D4nny Apr 17, 2016 @ 11:34am 
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Das ist Werfi der Tischumwerfer.
Hilf ihm dabei noch mehr Tische umzuwerfen,
indem du ihn nirgends postest.