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Unlocked Feb 8 @ 6:45pm

Detective Sergeant

50% of database accessed
Unlocked Feb 8 @ 11:55pm

Detective Inspector

75% of database accessed
Unlocked Feb 9 @ 12:34am

Detective Chief Inspector

100% of database accessed
Unlocked Feb 7 @ 2:49am

The Reflection

Sarah has logged off and crossed the road
Unlocked Feb 8 @ 11:34pm

Score Draw

Not all games have winners and losers
Unlocked Feb 7 @ 2:52am

Lucky Dip

Random Access
Unlocked Feb 7 @ 2:52am

More Than a Guest

Database unlocked
Unlocked Feb 7 @ 1:52am

A Traditional Ballad

The Wind and the Rain
Unlocked Feb 8 @ 11:40pm

Expressing My Individuality

It's a snake and an apple
Unlocked Feb 9 @ 12:24am


He asked me to kiss him
Unlocked Feb 7 @ 2:01am

It's a happy ending.

Rapunzel's story
Unlocked Feb 7 @ 1:46am

Have you ever eaten fennel?

Unlocked Feb 7 @ 2:43am

Spilt Coffee