Benjamin Mueting   Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Self-proclaimed "Time-Wasting Fool". :bheart:

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About me:
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:Clippp: YouTube channel:
:painter: deviantart:
:shoppingspree: Teespring for merchandise:
:CashMoneys: If you'd like to donate some money to me, here's a link to my PayPal for that:
:rotate: If you'd like to trade with me, you may do so here:
:hacknetmail: E-mail:
:abcbluesbook: Facebook (though I rarely use that website):

:blue_hex: General Information :blue_hex:

:blue_tile: I'm a college graduate from University of Nebraska Omaha with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, specifically in creative writing. :MH_Quest:
:blue_tile: I work at a local Baker's supermarket. 🏪 I love my job so much there that I didn't want to look for a career in my field of study, so I've been trying to use my creative writing skills to make videos on YouTube, mostly with the game program :gmod:arry's Mod.
:blue_tile: Gender: male :Man_Z:
:blue_tile: Race: white
:blue_tile: Birthday: July :06:th, :01::09::08::08: 🎂
:blue_tile: Current age: :03::00:
:blue_tile: Religion: Christian :Hatfall_Angel:
:blue_tile: My brother is NegaLimbo :myidea:
:blue_tile: My sister is Graintaire
:blue_tile: I consider my most-caring online friend to be Neon Tube. :2016villain:
:blue_tile: I like emoticons. :robosmile:

:yellow_hex: Notable Steam Accomplishments :yellow_hex:

:yellow_tile: I own the highest-leveled Foil Profile Badge from the "Intergalactic Steam Summer Sale" event. :2018ship:
It's also currently the highest-leveled Foil Badge in all of the Steam website.
:yellow_tile: I currently own the highest-leveled Foil Profile Badge from the "Steam Summer Getaway" event. :steamwings:
:yellow_tile: I'm ranked :01::02::00: of :09::09::09: from "The Steam Winter Sale - 2018". Not that it maters; I actually did that to get a @#$%-ton of Steam Gems. :bluejewel: :redjewel: :happymemes:
:yellow_tile: Currently ranked :01::07: of :08::01::07: worldwide in the game "Estiman". :esti_happy:
:yellow_tile: To my knowledge, I'm the first :bracketleft:if not only:bracketright: user to have crafted the "Terminal Hacker" Foil Badge. :OPHacks:

:red_hex: Negative Traits :red_hex:

:red_tile: I am a self-proclaimed "time-wasting fool". :desktopclock:
:red_tile: I have Asperger's syndrome and depression. :steamsad:
:red_tile: I have a dead thyroid, :TGrave: so I'm usually feeling tired. :steambored:
:red_tile: I hate it when my good intentions and doing nice things for others backfire and instead cause chaos, anger and annoyance from people. I didn't come to the internet to make enemies, for God sake. :sadcube:
:red_tile: In September :02::00::01::08:, I got suckered into a website to which a hacker named Laragons stole my Steam account for a few days. :Binary_v2: :jfrown:
:red_tile: I used a Steam Card farming app called Idle Daddy to get Trading Cards from games I didn't play on at the time. Even though the app worked, the Steam network system counted those hours towards my permanent record. It just feels embarrassing to not have actually played them beforehand, as if I cheated myself. :hexcry: But at least it'll help me make going through my Discovery Queue easier. :PuzzleBallDONT_KNOW:
:red_tile: I tend to suffer from indecision; from wanting to do all sorts of things all at once to nothing at all. It drives me crazy at times. :Hatfall_Frown:

:green_hex: Neutral Traits :green_hex:

:green_tile: I try to stay neutral about things between people because I don't like getting in trouble with others. :apathy:
:green_tile: If/when I do decide to play games these days, specifically on Steam, I'd prefer to play simple, easy games :bracketleft:or easy to learn, at least:bracketright:. :PlayWithMe:
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Splatoon Minis ~ Cute Wittle Woomies
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This is one of the two greatest games out there that can provide countless possibilities for media crossovers, whether it's for making fan fics, comics, screenshots, artwork, in-general gameplay or (in most people's case) videos on YouTube.

You want to play Minecraft without having to its game mechanics? gmod can do that because there's maps and models available on Steam Workshop and

You want to play Sims without going through its game mechanics? There's ragdolls and props from that series and hundreds of suitable maps for people to play around with.

You want to make your own "If Mario Was In..." scenarios? The possibilities are virtually limitless in gmod for that concept!

Sure it's difficult to animate and pose ragdolls/props/effects/whatever but that's what the variety of tools provided in addons are for, not to mention the immeasurable amount of weapons, maps, characters, gamemodes, etc; to try out, with more being posted on Steam Workshop,, deviantart, mediafire, gamebanana and wherever else everyday. Garry's Mod is indeed worthy to be called the Ultimate Sandbox game of them all.
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If you'd like to make a trade with me :rotate: or send something as a present :present_emo: (my Birthday's on July 6th) here's my trade link; that way we can trade even if we're not Steam friends.

First, I'm looking for a few Steam Foil cards :tradingcardfoil:; some of which are not available on the Community Market. If anyone knows anyone who has duplicates of these cards, please let me know. And I don't mean people that has this card but hasn't crafted the game's corresponding Foil Badge; I don't consider it fair for me to take that opportunity away from such Steam users.

• "The contemplation of Time" Foil Card from "Clock Simulator" :clockpiggie:
• The Foil Card set for "Emily is Away"
• "The Deeps of the Lone Mountain" Foil Card from "Gem Forge"
• The Foil Card set for "Doctor Who Infinity"

Second, this link leads to a list I made on deviantart (because I ran out of room on here) of more-or-less useful Steam Emoticons I want to use for further characterization for my Steam Profile, comments, chats, ect; Naturally, this list will be updated from time to time but I'll keep the ones I've already collected here in case someone might be interested in buying some of these themselves.

I'm currently willing to trade with my duplicates of Trading Cards :tradingcard:, backgrounds, emoticons, Salien cosmetics :2018ship: and maybe Steam Gems :redjewel: :bluejewel: (if the price is reasonable :CashDollar:; I'm currently using them to create Booster Packs in hopes of finding other Foil Cards :tradingcardfoil: unavailable or too pricey in the Community Market).

Thank you.
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Completing 8x8 was easier than I thought it would've been but thank you Bogemic Games & the user redhat for making such a cool game! 💎
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Thanks to the SFM workshop for the models
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Created by - Jimo
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I will explain how to create a transparent spray for Team Fortress 2. This technique can also be applied to other Source games that allow sprays. For this guide you will require Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or PAINT.NET and VTFEdit.
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[img] [/img]

Fps Booster is a easy way to potentially help improve your Clients FPS. When first spawning into the server they are asked whether they would like to enable the FPS boost option or not. If they click yes a few c
4,432 ratings
Created by - -ICE-, Andromeda, and Valcrye
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How is animating in gmod Benio? I have binge watched your videos nonstop for a couple of days.