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Hello i want delete my data in tf2 wiki (gdpr). How can I do it?
TheBoneAndOnly 28 sep 2018 om 14:03 
Moussekateer, I know you dont know me, but i found a bug on the wiki. when you look at the silver botkiller wrench mk.1, you see the gold botkiller wrench mk.1, my name on the wiki is also YKNAL SMREHC and if you read this, please fix that problem and maybe give me a thanks? thank you.
saderhesz 11 sep 2018 om 10:18 
The CSV download for this chart is currently a 404. I added you to ask if you still had it available somewhere?
Zeklyn 2 aug 2018 om 15:01 
What happened with the @TF2Notification bot on twitter?
M4rtiX 21 jul 2018 om 13:32 
Add me please for ask :gordon: