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half left Oct 20 @ 4:47am 
Hey I'm sorry about someone phishing you, it happens a lot to people who comment on my profile. I generally don't respond to people just adding me without commenting, but people have been added by impersonators of me and it really does suck. Please be careful.
Beast mode Aug 19 @ 2:34am 
bro would be better if the lootbox got clinical depression in it lma
rdwrd. Aug 19 @ 1:01am 
Oh I'm laughing
SnoWyZz Aug 18 @ 10:07pm 
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Beast mode May 5 @ 4:55am 
bro nice soundcloud i like the suicidal vibes
Vomito Mar 16 @ 8:29am 
Ancient tales tells the story of redward, the legend of a boy that was late for his tofu shop interview because he needed a job, because he was appreciating every bug he found on the way. The bugs and everything else shined with holy soul, so bright, it made the dark tofu shop pathway disappear. "We've survived centuries without tofu." He thought to himself, he didn't needed tofu. And thus, it happened: his bug friends heard him saying thatfrom the bottom of his soul, and all of a sudden, the bugs formed a huge swarm that went on a tofu destructive path. Shortly afterwards, everyone was freaking out on the bugs, but they noticed they weren't harming humans. They were destroying all of the tofu they could find. Humanity declared war on the bugs, and redward found himself smiling: tofu sucks anyways. Moral of the story: don't be late baka ne