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2 of 25 (8%) Achievements Earned::

Personal Achievements
Unlocked May 19 @ 3:19pm

The Apprentice Rival

Complete the Beginner Tutorial Lessons
Unlocked May 19 @ 2:55pm

The Terrible Tempest

Get a KO with Wrastor's Neutral Special off the top.

A Fiery Tale

Complete Zetterburn's Story Mode

A Slippery Saga

Complete Orcane's Story Mode

An Adverse Adventure

Complete Wrastor's Story Mode

A Rocky Start

Complete Kragg's Story Mode

A Smoldering Plot

Complete Forsburn's Story Mode

A Maypul Story

Complete Maypul's Story Mode

Open the Gates

Complete the Story Mode Epilogue

Into the Depths

Complete Wave 15 of Abyss Mode
0 / 15

The Endless Abyss

Complete Wave 45 of Abyss Mode
0 / 45

The Seasoned Rival

Complete 300 Matches Locally or Online
59 / 300

The Master Rival

Complete all Tutorial Lessons
6 / 17

The Skeptical Rival

Turn on Hitboxes in Practice Mode

The Swift Rival

Earn a Gold Medal on the 7 Story Modes
0 / 7

The Opulent Rival

Earn 100,000 Aether Coins
2,325 / 100,000

The Ardent Rival

Reach Level 10 with all 8 Abyss Characters
0 / 8

The Lone Rival

Defeat the Story Mode Epilogue without losing a stock

The Reckless Flame

Get a KO with Zetterburn's Aerial Down Special

The Watery Trap

Get a KO with Orcane's Up Special

The Boulder Barrage

Get a KO with Kragg's rock shards.

The Deadly Deception

Get a KO with Forsburn's Clone.

The Vicious Vine

Get a KO by using Maypul's tether into an aerial.

The Calculated Strike

Get a KO using Absa's cloud exploded Down Air.

The Icy Plummet

Get a KO with Etalus' Up Special.