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Unlocked Aug 6 @ 11:11pm

Setting the Curve

Set a custom fan curve
Unlocked Aug 6 @ 6:59pm


Use the monitoring function to monitor every item on OSD


Overclock your graphics card


Adjusted GPU clock equals exactly 1337MHz

Serious GPU Horsepower

Open Precision XOC on a system that has 4 or more GPU's

Overclocking at the South Pole

Reach a GPU Temperature of 10 degrees celsius or lower

Instructions Not Included

Disable interface tooltips

Thunder God

Set a custom voltage

Wrong Way

Set a negative clock offset on GPU or Memory

Its OK to be Cautious

Successfully use the TEST button

Speed Limit

Enable Frame Rate Target


Open Precision XOC on a system that has 2 of the same GPU's

Max RPM's

Set 100% fanspeed

Back to the Drawing Board

Use the default button

Power User

Set power target to maximum value

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Use the screen capture function

Up to Date

Press 'Check now' for available updates


Save an overclock profile

Keyboard User

Use the keyboard to type in a value

Memory Madness

Overclock Memory by +300MHz or higher offset