MoshedZ   Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, Israel
5-18-18 (joined as CO) - 9-9-18 (became Colonel) - 8-4-19 (transfered Colonelcy to Worrer)
Second Colonel of the 2LBI, succeeded by Worrer, who reformed it into the 74th Regiment.

2LBI FOREVER! Get em boys!

Led the 2LBI from near its very start until its end, 15 months, even after succession staying around to advise.

Everyone said we couldn't do it. We couldn't become independant. We wouldn't last a week. Then a month. But we did. And even now, almost a year and a half later, with a different name on the regiment, we are still going. The spirit of the reg lives on!
We might never defeat someone in melee, we will probably blow up our own lines before we blow up the enemy, though when someone good at arty gets online we actually kill things, and we might go musicians during siege, but hey, we are having fun along the way.

"Even in death, the artillery of the 2LBI haunts our team" -some guy from Empire.
"Get em, boys!" -2LBI Captain Tyler, D Company, before a suicide charge to help distract enemy cavalry from allied skirmishers.

Thousands of hours in Warband, hundreds of hours in NW Artillery and tens of hours leading regiments

If the game costs money and has MTX, I will not play it, and I will probably not give it a good review score. MTX are never optional, they are horrible. I also don't play any free games that have MTX. Ergo, except for flash games, I don't play free games.
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Do you like insane difficulty? Do you like playing as the Rebels in Rome 1 or Medieval 2? Do you like to be Dong Zhuo's *****? Do you look at the Western Roman Empire and go "that's not hard enough?" Do you want to play the faction that half the map starts

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