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GOTY 2019 and it's not even close.
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This is lowkey one of the best games of 2018 and one of the most pleasant surprise I've seen. Don't let the yellow Metacritic fool you, this game is badass, so much that I actually played it all the way through twice, which I rarely do. Here's a quick breakdown:

+ Atmosphere, immersion
+ Art direction
+ Combat (yes, really)
+ Music
+ Story, characters and dialogue
+ Voice acting
+ Innovative and ingenious morality/XP system
+++ Mesmerizing and luring your prey into a dark corner to devour their blood whilst the screen goes red and creepy crescendo music plays is an experience unlike any other in gaming... I guarantee it.

- No fast-travel
- Medicine distribution mechanic is a bit tedious and shallow
- No NG+ (in a game begging for one)
- Vampiric lore and mythology could be more fleshed out

The "negatives" are honestly minor nitpicks and not dealbreakers. Here's my rebuttal to common complaints:

- "Combat is bad and clunky": actually, it's... fine! It's pretty good, to be honest. It's not Bloodborne, no. But it controls fluidly, the dodge is very generous, the camera has no significant issues, and exploiting enemy weakness is key to making it fun and not tedious. If you just hack-and-slash everything, you're playing it wrong. I'm a veteran of all Souls games, and I found the combat solid enough. Keep your blood meter full (whether through stun->bite, or by using the knife or melee attacks to refill your blood bar) to unleash powerful vampire abilities with satisfying animations and you'll have a blast.

- "Combat is too hard": it's really not, especially if you build your powers correctly, but you can always just feed on Citizens to get stronger, OR play on Story Mode. Or you could, well... git gud.

- "Respawning enemies are annoying": just run past them, then. Seriously. Their aggro range is pitifully small, you cross the street and you lose them. This complaint is the most baffling of them all, IMO.

- "Distributing medicine is tedious": yeah, it kinda is, but you also don't really have to do it? It's only if you care about district health, really.

- "There is no fast-travel, getting around is tedious!": while I did wish for it, fast-travel is not necessary. To get from one corner of the entire map to the very opposite end takes maybe a minute or 2 on foot if you unlocked all the shortcuts and run past the enemies. It's not a huge deal, the map is intricate but very compact.

- "There's too much dialogue": well, yeah, it's primarily an adventure game/RPG, more than a pure action game. It's worth immersing yourself into the world and getting to know the Citizens, their stories vary in quality but most are actually pretty good and deal with nuanced and complex themes, such as PTSD, repressed homosexuality, child abuse, medical ethics, class warfare, feminism, redemption and rehabilitation, and plenty more, and all those themes are handled maturely and convincingly.

- "Skipping dialogue doesn't skip line by line": ....ok, I got nothing here. Dontnod did ♥♥♥♥ that up :D Oops.

Tl;dr: Give it a shot. This game is a badass vampire adventure game, where you can choose to play it as a total vampire power fantasy, an honest "good Samaritan" hero reluctant to feed, or anything in-between.

PS: ♥♥♥♥ Ascalon over, and turn McCullum. Trust me, you won't regret it.
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(Disclaimer: I have not played the initial version, only the current "Back from Hell" version, and I was generously gifted a key by someone on NeoGAF -- thanks again mate.)

tl;dr version (Read below for more details)

The good:
+ Amazing visuals
+ Solid soundtrack
+ Excellent boss designs
+ Responsive controls

The okay/decent:
+ Combat
+ Platforming and traps
+ Goofy metal lyrics-styled dialogue

The mediocre (not bad, just a bit meh):
- Level design
- Could use more enemy variety

I won't lie, this is a game that is primarily driven by its amazing artistic direction. The visuals are consistently impressive, not just the art and environments, or the cool parallax effects, or the excellent animations (esp. the headbanging one when you defeat a boss!), but all the intricate details, from the guttering torches, flying insects buzzing around rotting carcasses, the rain or snow, the dripping blood or ooze, etc. Every level is just... "wow", every time. It's essentially a metal album cover come to life, and I mean the really cool and badass album covers, like those made by Necrolord, Kris Verwimp, SV Bell, Eliran Kantor, Andreas Marshall, Dan Seagrave, Chris Moyen/Thorncross, etc., not the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ ones like Riot's Fire Down Under.

Metal soundtracks for games are nothing new, but to my knowledge, very few, if any, have one quite like it. It's basically instrumental doom/gothic metal, instead of the more common traditional and/or blazing shredding wailing guitar type of metal you're more likely to find. It could have benefited from a few more tracks, but it's otherwise excellent and the music fits the mood of the game admirably well. Good job by the ex-Celtic Frost guy.

Story and dialogue? Well, there is some, but it's not very important in a game like this, so who cares really. All the writing is very cheesy, but it pretty much reads like metal lyrics. If that's your thing, you'll find yourself smiling at the cheesy, pompous lines. If not, you'll probably roll your eyes, but hopefully you're not that uptight.

Now, the gameplay. To be frank, it's mostly okay, not great. Level design is very simple for the most part, not a whole lot of verticality, very rare secrets, and simple moving forward hacking mobs, with the occasional hit-the-switch-and-come-back. Most of the time, it's just a matter of defeating the combat encounters and avoiding the traps and survive until the next checkpoint. The traps are generally easy to avoid and serve mostly to mix up the pace, but the combat encounters can be really quite difficult. Bathoryn, the protagonist, cannot take a whole lot of hits and dies really fast (or I just suck). Fortunately respawning is instant and loading times are super-fast, and checkpoints are generous enough to avoid too much frustration, so it's not THAT bad. Still, prepare to die be slain often.

Combat is hack-and-slash with some ranged magic (as long as you have mana left), with some nice focus on parrying and countering, charged attacks (hard to time correctly but rewarding to pull off), flinging projectiles back at the enemy, and switching between the steel sword, the flame blade, and the ice axe. Overall it's not that deep but it's serviceable enough, the controls are fairly responsive. There could be a bit more enemy variety though, I mean I'm fine with smashing skeletons, but that's a lot of skellies... something to think about in a sequel, maybe. That said, the boss fights is when the combat shines, forcing you to use all of your arsenal and skill. I really found the bosses to be well designed and the highlights of the game (Mother Beholder can get ♥♥♥♥ed though!).

I am terrible at this kind of old-school brutal game and took a good 9 hours of dying repeatedly before gitting gud (I swear at least one full hour is against Mother Beholder, gahhh) and pulling through. A skilled player would probably take far less before reaching the ending.

In short, I would recommend this game, mostly for its artistic appeal. It's a metal album cover (or a bunch of them) come to life which is a really ♥♥♥♥ing cool thing, unless you don't like metal, in which case, I don't like you, so please go away. The gameplay underneath is nothing mind-blowing, but just decent enough to make it worth playing.

\m/ Hail the Great Horned Metal God \m/
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If you want this amazing game to happen, and I know you do, please contribute to the crowdfunding campaign on IGG!

+ Valkyrie Profile-like (but better and more fast-paced!) JRPG combat
+ Music by Hiroki Kikuta, of SECRET OF MANA fame
+ Amazing art style and diverse, colourful cast
+ Incredible animations
+ Metroid-like platforming and exploration
+ Experienced devs (makers of Skullgirls), meaning they know what they're doing

tl;dr: Fund this or you're probably a terrible, terrible person
投稿日 2015年11月24日.
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tl;dr version first:

+ Solid graphics that aged pretty well
+ Serviceable music
+ Okay level design

(Yes, the only positives are still just "OK" and not great...)

- Literally everything else:
- Terrible clunky controls
- Overly simplistic and boring combat
- Generic medieval fantasy setting
- Even more generic story
- Voice acting ranges between mediocre to comically bad

Detailed version:

Someone gifted me a free key, so I went in with an open mind and low standards, and... it's still pretty terrible. I absolutely don't mind older games, and still play games from several generations ago and still enjoy them, but this is beyond janky. The controls are atrocious, even for the time. Older games like Soul Reaver and Ocarina of Time still manage to have fluid and serviceable melee combat and character movement and they aren't even necessarily purely combat-driven; this is a hack-and-slash with little else than combat, yet it moves horribly stiffly, the hack and slash combat is repetitive and boring, and the hitboxes are a total joke. Ranged combat is even worse, aiming is clunky and painful. I didn't even get far enough to try any kind of magic, though I unlocked a druidess (who honestly looked more like a stripper than any kind of priestess or adventurer) but I was too bored to bother continuing.

I don't know why this is tagged as an RPG, this is a hack-and-slash action/adventure game (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I love those too, but don't go in expecting an RPG); there are no RPG elements such as stats, character progression, looting, story choices, etc. Missions are linear; you buy the best loadout you can afford, and go in (again I don't have a problem with that kind of structure, but don't expect tons of exploration or non-linear progression or anything like that), and levels are short, with okay level design I guess. The only gameplay element are killing boring monsters, sometimes jumping, and picking up gold and keys or flipping switches. Oh yeah, the second mission is an escort mission, and gods help you if the NPC AI decides to walk in straight into the monsters and get himself killed. Because yep, that can happen. Oh, you activated a checkpoint, and died? Cool, you lose a bit of gold, but respawn with everything else exactly as is, which in theory would be fine except... meanwhile monsters are attacking your NPC escort and you've failed the mission before getting back to where you were. Oops?

Don't waste your time on this mediocrity. Even if you're really really starving for an old-school hack-and-slash game, there are tons of better options out there. Like, say, any of the Ys games, or Dark Souls, Dragon's Dogma, Salt and Sanctuary, hell even the otherwise mediocre Bound By Flame and Lord of the Fallen are still much better than this.
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Don't let the RPGMaker tag fool you, this is actually a fantastic game, reminiscent of the best JRPGs of the classic 16- and 32-bit era. The ensemble cast is fun and memorable, with each party member complementing each others quite nicely with their unique abilities. Too often in such games you will find a slew of useless abilities, status effects and debuffs that don't work (or that are nowhere near as useful as just dealing damage, for instance), but in this game, you have to really utilize each party member wisely to win, at least if you play on Hard (highly recommended for the best experience, though you will need an optimized party for the last boss). To the dev's credits, I don't think I found a single ability that was useless, and that's pretty much unheard of in the genre. ^^

There are no random battles; enemies appear on the screen, and they do not respawn. This is a godsend, because if there's one thing I don't miss from old jRPGs it's random battles every two steps that constantly interrupt your exploration. Each battle is fairly meaningful (again, on Hard) with plenty of strategy. Dungeon design could have been a bit more imaginative, it's mostly just standard "flip this switch to open this path"; but at least there's rewarding exploration and that's good enough. I would suggest to the devs to add more meaningful puzzles (à la Golden Sun or Wild ARMs) in a future game, that'd turn your game from good to spectacular. ^^

The story is nothing too original but it's well-written and engaging, never once did I groan in dismay at silly plot twists or anything like that, which happens far too often in these types of games, so congrats on a job well done.

Oh and what are RPGs without good soundtracks and art direction? Skyborn's is excellent in both cases, so don't worry about that. I really loved the sprites and characters portraits, the artists are clearly very talented.

I do have some mild criticism, but it's nothing that detracted from my enjoyment: the dungeons could have been even better, as I mentioned before, and the crafting system is a bit tacked on, IMO, and not all that useful. And when shopping for equipment, there should be a better UI to compare with what you have equipped (and of course offer to auto-equip after buying). Luckily, the menus are quick and snappy so it's not much of an issue to navigate between menus, but that could certainly have been improved upon.

Some have complained that the game is too short, but I disagree. Doing all the optional content I could find and retrying the last boss a few times, I have about 19 hours; that's more than fair for a game without filler. Personally I prefer this over a 50 hour long game with tons of boring side-quests and meandering stories that drag on and on, so I have no problem with the game's length. YMMV. I suspect those who spent less than 10 hours probably played on Normal or Easy and breezed through without doing the side-stuff, which is weird to me.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by how good this game was. I hesitated a long time before buying it, expecting a decent but probably amateurish product, but it's actually very well made, very polished, and the combat is, without hyperbole, among the best I've seen in turn-based JRPGs.
投稿日 2014年9月28日.
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This game is fantastic, but this version isn't. First, it's an incredible pain in the ♥♥♥ to get a controller working, I had to fiddle with JoyToKey for a long time before getting it right. For a game that was originally released on console, this is unacceptable.
Second, and most importantly, the game crashes quite frequently, and considering save points are scarce and the (quite long) cut scenes cannot be skipped, this is *incredibly* frustrating. Also, you have to enable vsync on your graphic card because the screen tearing is monstrous. Audio bugs are also occasionally present, though not to the level of the first game.

I would only recommend the game if you truly cannot get a hold of the PlayStation 2 version at all. PS2 owners, don't bother with double-dipping for the convenience of Steam or the high res or whatnot, and especially not to support the publishers, because they don't deserve your money for this lame cashgrab.

The game itself is quite good, however. Its graphics aged really well and look very good under modern resolutions, the story and voice acting and atmosphere are as compelling as ever, and the level design is spectacular. The camera isn't perfect, it's rather dated, but it helps to bind it on the right analog stick if you can. Combat, similarly to the camera, is both a bit dated yet serviceable enough, and impaling and beheading enemies still feel satisfying.

It's too bad this PC port is so shoddy; no effort whatsoever has been made to make it stable and controller-friendly. This game deserves better than a less-than-mediocre port. I bought this in the LoK bundle during a sale at quite a good price, and I still feel ripped off. After a crash happened which made me lose over 90 minutes of progress (including long, unskippable cut scenes) due the scarcity of save points, I simply gave up on this playthrough (since I beat it more than once on PS2 back in the day).
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<3 Durante
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