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yung micropenis   Isle of Man
4'12". 12 year old girl in her basement. Afro-American. Virgo. Omnisexual. LGBT and Islamic. Feminist. Vegan. Book lover and critic. Sexy metal barbie queen. SAO lover, Kirito is my spirit animal and Asuna is a real QT pie x3. J. Cole Logic Russ is a lyrical genius. Four times champion of 6th grade spelling contests. Beat Sensei in Club Penguin. Flat-earther, truther. Raindrop, droptop, I like tacos a lot lot. Stock investor. I'm 30, I rap, I'm a goofball, I wear white contacts, skateboard and watch family guy religiously. Professional memer. The Moon is probably the most tactically valuable military ground for earth. Rocks dropped from there have power of 100s of nuclear bombs. They hate on me😢😢😪🤧but they also hated Jesus 😈👌👌💯💯😂😂 PICKLE RICK!!!!!!!!! Well arent you a cuite. Are you more for spicy memes, birb, doggo, and catto memes, or stuff like Pickle Rick and Wub a Lub Dub Dub? Also Im Alex.

NotLightningRunner?: my mom saw your name and yelled at me
THICK COLLEGE BRO COCK: well of course

Diplomat4K entered chat.
Diplomat4K: ew

aTastyT0ast: so mr rat guy, I heard you wanna get raped at LL?


---------: return to play pokemon noob

Pop my booty like a wheelie, gamer
I'm for really, gamer
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We wake up taking booty pictures
Sending nudies gamer
You straight dude, You a loser gamer fuck me smoother gamer
Fucking poop straight on my gamer dick on low
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That's all he really use me for then he kick me out the door
I don't I want him you can keep the gamer
His dick is really small
In New York my gamers don't suck one cock, My gamers suck the cock
Block blow a dick or throw in cocks
Run up, Run um off the block
Caught his penis in my asshole, I grinded for the cock
Gamer say he ate my ass, But my ass worth a lot
I don't fuck with no old hoes, Only new holes
Put his dick inside my back bone, And pass me too his bro
He don't love me thats a sad case
And I'm mad tho
He just fucked me in my asshole, and Then he dashed home

I'm on some booty killa shit, Suck a gamer dick
Eat my ass then he spit, Fuck me till im feeling sick
I pull with my dick, Then he let me hit
Shoutout, But I sucked that gamer dick

Penis stiffy, Uhh, Cum real sticky, Uhh
Finna dick me, Uhh, Booty hole fifty cocks
Move slowly cause the cum real sticky, Uhh
Dick down, "squirt squirt", silly Uhh
There's a stain on my shirt, Alot of cummin
Spitting on his cock like a popshove it
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I ain't wanna suck yo hubby, Now we fucking

I'm on some booty killa shit, Suck a gamer dick
Eat my ass then he spit, Fuck me till I'm feeling sick
I pull with my dick, Then he let me hit
Shoutout, But I sucked that gamer dick
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I'm morph! I'm horrendously sarcastic and you probs won't like me so hi!! :D:
people who are gonna friend request me: (I seriously don't accept anyone don't bother lmao) this is my Religion

these are my top-tier emotes

literal shit ones

my tumblr, hoping to make updates on my 400+ pound diet talking about why donald drumpf is a big stinker

anime is trash, don't let anyone tell you otherwise :sakurabeachayumilaugh:
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9:37 PM - MaffeW: wut if he doesnt want to cum?
9:37 PM - Morph #2GAY4LIFTING: Maff
9:37 PM - Morph #2GAY4LIFTING: stop fucking asking questions
9:37 PM - MaffeW: wow
9:37 PM - Morph #2GAY4LIFTING: answer them yourself you coward.
9:37 PM - MaffeW: fuck you and suck my asshole