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20 hours ago
In topic type 3 breakpoints
Grade 3 is demo charge only, which is a pain until you've purchased the level 2 blast reduction at Rank 15. Until then, don't do Javelins.
23 hours ago
In topic I can't vent coolant/
Then you're doing it wrong. Pull the panel off, don't cut it.
Feb 24 @ 1:10am
In topic Solo Loaner decks needs to be fixed!
Considering three of the four mentioned were the worst kind of garbage, they must have heard specific feedback about those duels and revised the decks accordingly.
I got a pretty hilarious win with the Raidraptor deck. Lucked out on turn 1 and ranked up into the Rank 6 monster that zeroes out special summoned monsters. My opponent? Numeron OTK. Crashed into the monster three times before he figured out the game.
Feb 20 @ 12:37pm
In topic Solo Loaner decks needs to be fixed!
He's talking about loaner decks in Solo mode, not building his own.
Feb 20 @ 10:56am
In topic Solo Loaner decks needs to be fixed!
The solo loaner decks are definitely meant to be an uphill battle, and some are less "hill" and more "cliff".

In my experience, all of them are very much reliant upon stopping your opponent from doing anything. Give an inch and they take an OTK.
Just burn through some station Geckos. Something like five at most will cover your wire needs. Just make sure to pull the power generator first.
If your only goal is to pull rarity with no regard to maybe happening upon the specific card type you want, then literally any pack would do. You're no more likely to pull a set number of rare cards from the general pool as a specific pack. Pulling from a specific pack just lets you aim for the cards you want instead of having to craft them.

In general, if there were a pack which was just a fountain of UR cards, you can bet someone would have figured that out already.
Your beef is with probability, not fairness. In a Numeron OTK deck, there are ten cards that can start the combo, including the three copies of the field spell. That means every draw is a 25% chance of hitting at least one relevant card. You would need some rather bad luck to play that deck and not hit at least one combo piece on the opening draw.
Feb 12 @ 12:23am
In topic Your 'signature' Monster
Aqliphort Towers. Just for the look.
Feb 7 @ 12:32am
In topic Is this a bug?
It's a tribute summon, so Pot of Duality doesn't block it. As for a double normal summon, he may have had an effect in play.
Feb 6 @ 11:17pm
In topic how the hell does borrelsword work
"Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can target 1 Attack Position monster; change it to Defense Position, also, this card can make a second attack during each Battle Phase this turn. Your opponent cannot activate cards or effects in response to this effect's activation."

I'm not sure what some of those other cards are, but Borrelsword ends a chain as I understand the concept.
10k. That issue is apparently being dealt with.
Feb 4 @ 4:54pm
In topic Greater Poly Question
Hard to say without seeing the game state.
Feb 2 @ 11:40pm
In topic Let's talk about Zombie World (again)
Because not all do. If an effect targets a machine-type monster in the GY or on the field, Zombie World ruins it. If an extra deck requires a specific type of monster to summon, it doesn't work. There are quite a few instances where Zombie World will act as a floodgate. It's just that most archetypes often work around a name rather a monster type, and thus Zombie World won't stop them.
Feb 2 @ 11:17pm
In topic Let's talk about Zombie World (again)
Because their summons are dependent on the attribute, name, or level of their cards, not the monster type.
Feb 2 @ 11:04pm
In topic Let's talk about Zombie World (again)
Zombie World affects monster type. That means that say, and Earth/Machine monster becomes an Earth/Zombie monsters. Now, how this interacts with other cards depends on their conditions. If I have a fusion that requires, say, three Machine monsters, and only had the three on the field, Zombie World would be a problem. If a fusion instead requires three of a specific element or name, Zombie World does nothing.

That is the specific thing Zombie World does.
Feb 2 @ 8:39pm
In topic Can't obtain many achievements
Feb 2 @ 4:18pm
In topic Can't obtain many achievements
I know the first works. I have it. To be clear, I think the condition is "Normal summon with tribute" x amount of times.

I also have the third. No idea what to tell you there.
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