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"young, dumb, and full of regretToday at 8:53 PM
oh man i love the part in overwatch where moira tentacle fucks me"
“Dennys coffee tastes like maple syrup mixed with thin mints”
"what if the real chaos emeralds were kidney stones"
"potz: u know what they say and octopus in the 30 yard line is the same as a hot dog stand on 42nd"
"The yoyoman will keep on yoing. That's the one constant in this universe"
“Obviously the holocaust isn’t real. This is because of kosher hot dogs. Nobody can live off that stuff, proving the jews aren’t real. Without the jews, there is no holocaust.”
Winner of comedy: 11/19/2017
“I have never died in my life”
"It's never too late to be aborted. I'm pro abortion anti choice."
“I may be racist, but at least I’m all inclusive.”
"LMG Means lobster mating grenade"
“Gay is just a number”
“All your money is gas money if you chug gas off the hose”
“swipe your credit card and get 1 fuck”
"Who uses fucking middle mouse for ability just bind it to w. I use fuckin motion controls like I've got a kinect set up with my computer"
“I put my dick on a plasma ball and it turned on my xbox”
“He doesnt need a headset. He hears with his eyes”
“screaming is just whispering but with aoe”
“You burnt my hindenburg”
Tuna: into girls is worng in my country
"Lemme just get my reinforced chicken tenders to hang myself in an applebees bathroom"
“In japan i bought hentai in a 7/11”
“Canada is just shitty mexico”
"ass, freezehole"
“Let’s here it”
“Our car is only 6 horsepower, right? No wait that’s cylinders”
“There aren’t any roamin gangs of teenagers throwing rocks at orphans yknow it’s chill”
“Son, if you ever get the chance to exterminate humans, do it.” ~Speckle’s dad, gforce
"[8/16/2019, 8:35 PM]
art dog:
Burped what will you say to god when he stares you in your bleeding eyes

[8/16/2019, 9:07 PM]
i will say
deez nuts trap remix"
"lets go to the same place you told him to get his jewels appraised. 'The brothel?'"
"hamster hell : You really have the creative power of an earthworm with downs"
"acid : college lesbian...
acid : you'll grow out of it"
"We should honestly bring back electroshock therapy I see no downside"
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