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True Steam Achievements

True Steam Achievements is a website which tracks all the achievements you have on Steam games. It's a great little tool to keep track of where you are up to, find games with easy completes, or find solutions for difficult to complete achievements.

I think it's a great site!

If you sign up because of this link, please your the referrer name on the sign up screen as 'Moon', and you can add me to your friends list on there by again, just searching for Moon.
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Not recommended for 100% achievement hunters

Achivement hunters read the next paragraph. For rest of review, it's further down.

This first part of the review discusses just one aspect, and is responsible for my negative review.

Buying and playing for the achievements to make a perfect game.

In the previous games in the series the achievements have always been simple enough to get, there was just one tough one "beat the devs". You have to beat the devs score on 10 levels out of the 50 (or 55 if you include bonus levels). This has always been challenging and has provided some discussion in the forums with people helping each other out and sharing the level they managed to "beat the dev on"

However...for part VI they have put an achievement in where you have to BEAT THE DEV ON EVERY LEVEL.
For a game marketed as causal, that's anything but, and will require hours and hours of grinding to learn the levels enough to beat the dev time on every level.

There is also an achievement for earning all other achievements - without beating all the dev times, you can't win that one either.

So beware game completionists, this one is going to be a nightmare!

This achievement has been discussed with the dev team on the discussion thread which you can find here -

The devs decision was this:
(post 47 of that thread linked above)
Karyna (JetDogs) posted:

Hello everyone!
Ok, I have been thinking about that situation and I've remembered that week ago one user wrote me a message that he is totally satisfied with Hercules-6 because of achievements! He told, that in previous parts it was easy to get 100% and it was not interest for him. Sixth part is the most favorite for him now because there are some work and aim. And he asked more hard achievements in next part.
Sooo, we can't be good for each of you and satisfied each of you. You should understand that we need to change level of hardness because it is more interesting than play the same level 6 times.
If 100% is important for you, so get it. It doesn't work in that way in world "I want to feel myself like a winner, so please remove this part because I can not go through with it". If you study in university and you can't pass the test would you ask teacher to make this test easier because you don't want to spend a lot of time with preparing but you want to get 100 points with this test? I do understand that Hercules-6 and studying in university are different things, but there works the same principle - if you want to be a winner in things you want to be you should to do something more for that.

---Not playing for achievements review---

If you aren't playing for achievements and just want a fun, cheerful game that you can play without really engaging your brain too much then this is definitely it!

The animation is great, the artwork is superb and very detailed and even looks fantastic on a 40" 4K screen, it's certainly something you could play through a TV!

There are some new bonuses for this latest version including the Trident which gives you unlimited workers for a short period of time, it's amazing to activate it and madly click on all the things you need doing and have them done in seconds, really fun!

You can score bronze, silver and gold on each level depending on how long it takes you to complete and the score you get. You also have to find a hidden stone on each level, collect them all and you unlock a jigsaw puzzle, collect that and you unlock a secret level.

There is some good replayability here for casual players.

So for casual gamers I highly recommend game.

For achievement hunters looking for another game to get a perfect game on - keep clear, this one isn't for you. The good news is Hercules parts I, II, III, IV and V are all easy 100% completes so definitely play those!
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