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flip Feb 28, 2019 @ 4:07am 
Ping measurement complete after 4.7s. Sending sample to GC
ams: 305ms via iad (front=228ms, back=77ms)
atl: 233ms via lax (front=190ms, back=43ms)
bom: 157ms via sgp (front=107ms, back=50ms)
can: 152ms via canm (front=152ms, back=0ms)
canm: 152ms via direct route
cant: 152ms via canm (front=152ms, back=0ms)
canu: 152ms via canm (front=152ms, back=0ms)
dxb: 183ms via sgp (front=107ms, back=76ms)
eat: 220ms via lax (front=190ms, back=30ms)
fra: 301ms via lux (front=297ms, back=4ms)
gru: 364ms via lax (front=190ms, back=174ms)
hkg: 131ms via direct route
iad: 228ms via direct route
jnb: 455ms via iad (front=228ms, back=227ms)
lax: 190ms via direct route