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Soma is the better package in general, Amnesia TDD had the novelty with a solid concept, Amnesia AMFP was lackluster and this one is.... fine. Yeah, it might sound disappointing, and it can totally be to a varying degree, but it was worth my time and might be worth yours if you can tolerate slow burns. And oh boy can this be a slow burn for some. I know I was on the fence till almost the very end of the game.

Once you take a closer look at all the gameplay mechanics, it becomes a very easy game to just rush through, which I don't recommend in horror games, where you want immersion and a fitting atmosphere. Still, the game does not offer a lot of challenges and a lot of "superficial" dangers before you can actually "die". This can and will bore some players. I had fun prematurely believing in danger, though.

Tasi can be a bit obnoxious with excessive monologuing, the story isn't fleshed out in some parts (the entire crew remains quite distant from the player, stopping any deeper involvment that would have improved the experience), and you'll need to find and read quite a bit for the more subtle details of the story (as well as the relation to other Amnesia games), but there is enough for avid fans to discover.

The game might be flawed but does not come without some true gems in form of well-designed segments that really nailed the fright, my favorite part being the hunting grounds, where I truly had to get used to my surroundings if I didn't want to die (I had to get the achievement, ya know. It's pretty much the only challenge the game has to offer besides speedrunning.... and speedrunning this kind of game is just ludicrous in my opinion).

In the end, I left more satisfied than disappointed, even if it could have been better, proven by Soma in the past. The devs said it best at the start of the game "don't play this to win", get this if you want a creepy story that can be touching and tragic, while also enjoying the concept of being on edge whenever darkness shows up.
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