Antioquia, Colombia
A cool guy that likes the medicine stoling your organs .

I'm a quiet player that enjoy to be a support and make my team strong, avoiding they die inside my posibilities But try to do something worth or i just gonna heal you to build my uber

My favorite map is dustbowl... what? I like the spam tryharding matches. but only if these are balanced 90% of the cases never happen

None of my items are for trade, so save yourself the trouble,
you look like a scammer

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[2DAG] Begone ThoT Apr 21 @ 12:23am 
gafo :v :kotomiclannad:
Crane Apr 20 @ 5:56pm 
HugeFluffyNeko Apr 18 @ 1:26pm 
Just send me the offer and I will see to that.
Mínτ | lft RGL HL Feb 16 @ 10:56pm 
this guy knows how to push. unfortunately, he's the only one. best teammate 10/10 :happymeat:
Yally Feb 14 @ 11:06pm 
No se como llegue aquí