My real name is Connor   Lynchburg, Virginia, United States
I dont want to delete this bio, even if its embarassing, its part of my legendary steam history. Oof.

Roses are red, violets blue , i have a gun get in the van

any ways, im the kinda guy you find in the game having fun. i usually just goof around but i can be very serious.

I play games like Crysis, Red Orchestra, empire total war and killing floor

I am pretty good with every thing, snipers, Assault rifles, shotguns.but i am a fan of sub machine guns and heavy machine guns.

i can be tactical. or i can just shoot you till you give up.

If im online feel free to msg me. i love chatting with freinds

i also have a pretty extensive knoledge of firearms and ballistics.

> United states Marines, Delivering Freedom at 2900 feet per second<
*and almost all of my pc games are non-st
eam so ive got allot more than what that says > *

-Firepower ( Arlo ) Lots of memorys here
-WWii Gamer ( O MALLEY) Lots of memorys here


i enjoy Johnny cash, thats the REAL music of america, not rap shit

i dont like asian people very much soooo...
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im on top of the list :D yay
={cXn}=Carl-Guardian Mar 14, 2011 @ 6:42pm 
Hi , Are you coming to our BC2 Tournament and practice?