Lauri Tervonen   Finland
The word processor is mightier than the intercontinental ballistic missile.


Favorite regular polygon: hexagon
Favorite orbifold signature: 632
Favorite plane tiling: Penrose P3
Favorite composite number: 46
Favorite prime: 464646461
Favorite paradox: Russell's paradox
Favorite spiral: a paperclip

Spirit animal: octopus
Favorite ponies: Fluttershy, Zecora
Favorite Jedi: Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi
Favorite Smash Bros character: Jigglypuff
Favorite Pokemon: Omanyte

Favorite games: Team Fortress 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Favorite guns: UT2004 Shock Rifle, HL2 Revolver, Doom Super Shotgun, CS AK-47, TF2 Sniper

Favorite shell: zsh
Favorite window manager: Awesome

Favorite music: Eppu Normaali, My Terrible Friend, Pomplamoose
Favorite books: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Favorite movies: Toy Story 1-3, Mad Max: Fury Road, Primer
Favorite TV shows. Love (Netflix), Bojack Horseman, The X-Files
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:wololo: The Oracle says

Easy work does not pay off, no matter how hard you do it.

Every question is stupid if left unasked.

If you ain't broke, don't fix it yourself.

No man is an island. But some men are the wreckage of a ship that crashed on the island.

Two heads are better than one in the bush.

:mkcat: Stanley the Gaming Stand-up Cat says

What do you call a professional speech course on planet Kerbin?
Verbal Ace Program

What do you call a wizard who disapproves of breaking locks?
An alohomoralist

:p2blue:The Universe answers audience's deepest questions

If God is benevolent, why is there evil in the world?
Evil is only an optical illusion when observing 4 dimensional morality in lower dimensions. There exists a rigid transformation that turns a murder into charity in 4D.

Do we have free will?
Yes. Ask the receptionist for the password, please.

Are cats highly intelligent creatures?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
The egg. Many amniotes including dinosaurs have been laying eggs for 300 million years. The chicken was domesticated only 9000 years ago.

If a tree falls and the sound is recorded but the recording is lost before anyone has a chance to listen to it, did the tree make a sound?
Yes. Obviously yes.

If you replace the Ship of Theseus, piece by piece, until no original part remains, and then build a second ship out of the leftover parts, which ship is the original ship?
The Ship of Theseus doesn't exist as a collection of atoms, but as a tool that Theseus uses to sail the sea. If you break the emergent object into atoms that were not used in the definition, you're taking apart the definition as well. You can choose a definition that fits your expectation for how identity should behave in this situation, but you're always going to end up with some less than well defined behavior.
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Onnea syntymäpäivän johdosta.
Mollikka Jul 12, 2012 @ 1:16pm 
People keep saying hello. Maybe it is a secret code?
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No moi xDD
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