Louie Turner
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Made Cursed Cove
2nd Place in MvA Mapping Contest (Co-creator of Watergate)
Winner of 2015 Summer TF2maps 72 hour contest
Winner of 2014 winter TF2maps 72 hour contest
2nd Place 2015 winter TF2maps 72 hour contest
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Dr.Maxi #Save TF2 Oct 9 @ 10:53am 
i know this may sound strange but im also a map maker and well i saw that you made Cursed Cove and well my map has also A Underwater Underworld but the proplem is i dont have underwater props so im asking if you could tell me ho made the props for Cursed Cove so i can ask if i could have them? ( I dint made lot of maps but i made ctf_Spookfort /2Fort_event and now im making pd_hellpass/ Highpass_event <-- Thats the map with the underwater hell)
Fireborou Sep 30 @ 9:05am 
Hey! Average Tf2 player here just wondering if you happened to have an alt by the same user and personal name. If not I would like to inform you that someone is going around impersonating you in hopes of scamming random users who play Tf2 through the means of the "working on a TF2 site and want help" thing I believe we've all seen too much. If you have further questions I'd be happy to oblige to the best of my ability and have screenshots of said conversation.
velox Sep 3 @ 4:49pm 
boomer is epic
Whomobile Aug 8 @ 2:50am 
Can I add you to ask a few questions about koth_variousartists for a video I'm working on?
76561198411811571 Trade Banned Jul 19 @ 4:21am 
added to talk
lord_eyad_egg||TF2SA Jul 3 @ 7:12pm 
Hey sorry to ask you this you have probably been asked this 100 times already but do you plan on fixing your payload map pl_camber it's a very good map.