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为什么妮们有这么多时间玩游戏:csgoskull:TAT为什么我只能苦逼地天天在实验室里剖青蛙剖兔子养老鼠:csgoskull:不开心不开心TAT:csgoskull:Why u guys have so much time to play the games QAQ why I can only spend every day sectioning frogs sectioning rabbits & keep rats in the laboratory! QAQ

I AM UNHAPPY :csgoskull: I AM SAD :csgoskull:
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James Dean oscillated between loving and rejecting Adolf Hitler. But Bob Newhart shifted between believing in and doubting Painter Francis Bacon. The breakthrough came when George Bush and John Malkovich saw the symmetry between John Barrymore's push-pull style of relationships, and Ben Stiller's alternating belief and mistrust. That insight opened mutual compassion, because each realized the other was trying to protect his or her own heart. 🏺
习儿 Mar 29, 2015 @ 7:34am