Sheldon   Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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:OTTTD_Rockon: I am the owner of Taccor Gaming. :FIRSTASTRANAUT:
:OTTTD_Rockon: I'm anomalous :blindfold:
:OTTTD_Rockon: I play at very strange times, spend way too much time on Teamspeak -
:OTTTD_Rockon: I am just finding my way :SavedLife: trying to keep on the right road.
:OTTTD_Rockon: I am open to anything and everything, just don't be a dickhead about it. :CoC_Pill:
:OTTTD_Rockon: I am me xD just message me if you wanna chat.:guacpinata:

My Close friends :balloon:
My Bae <3 (Void_Clip)
Declan (FOG)
My Brother <3 (Mr Frog)
My BFF and lover (Sage)
The old man who named my lips ;) (WhiteWoof)
The Kitty lover (PaleProxy)
The basic hoe (ButterCup)
My Supportive dad! (DooMShortS)
My Afrikaans kid (Bessels)
My King and Queen <3 (Insanity)
My all-time favorite (Jelleh)
My Twin ;) (RileZ™)
Lord Flower <3 (Flower)

My CS:GO settings :emoticon101:
:prolRekt: My autoexec - hosted on Github, you may view it before download ;) []

My Pro Gaming settings :emoticon101:

◉ ▼ Settings: BF1/BF3/BF4/BF:H ▼

◉ 105 FOV - 144hz - 1920x1080 - capped @ 140
◉ 400 DPI - 14% In Game - 500 polling rate
◉ Crosshair - Green 255 - Blue 22 - Red 22
◉ Blue Head Shot - Yellow Kill Shot - Optics Size 93%
◉ All low/off - Mesh Ultra - Textures Ultra |

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1,051 hrs on record
last played on Aug 19
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last played on Aug 9
53 hrs on record
last played on Aug 9
🦄Unic0rnTearZ🦄 Aug 19 @ 6:45am 
SkyeMaxilian Aug 9 @ 7:55am 
Quite a standard issue sausage dog, if you purchase this specific sausgage dog - Sheldon - I reccommend upgrading the voice box unit, like I did with mine. Now, my Sheldon, has a very soothing voice that sings to me until I fall asleep.
Rile[Z] Jul 31 @ 11:51am 
pretty basic but i dont think i can give second chances to people who leave me unread for 6 days. :)
♡ Flower ♡ Jul 30 @ 5:14am 
Signed by Lord Flower ❤️❤️
Tofu❤김다현ツ ✦ Jul 23 @ 3:49pm 
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FOG Jul 16 @ 9:14am 
the biggest most lovable poes i know :rheartr: i will adore him to times end