Liam   Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
To be read by Rohan for voice over

A MONTAGE of amatuer and professional CS FOOTAGE that FADES to CSGO game FOOTAGE from the professional esports scene. FILLER SHOTS of professional matches and streamers.

TITLE SCREEN: Counter-Salt: Globally Offensive

Before there was Call of Duty or Battlefield, there was Counter-Strike.

“Beginning as a free download created by a small team of amateur designers, Counter-Strike became one of the most popular games in the world in the late 2000s. Players from all over the globe formed teams, honed their skills, and worked their strats to compete in international events with hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes at stake.”



PRESENTER:Anonymous Source(Rohan)
“Now days CS:GO is known best for being an action packed and enjoyable video game, but what it is most commonly known and associated with is SALT and Rage. if u ask anyone who players or who has played cs they will tell you they've experienced countless hours of salty ragers or been one themselves.”

VOX POPS with GAMERS at COLLEGE around the school or computer room, eg:

PRESENTER (questions):
“Have you played CS:GO? If so, how long have you been playing?“
“What was your experience with the game like?”
“Have you encountered any salt? And if so, how often?”
Vox pops of students answers to questions

Scene 3: clips of salt in game

“Since cs:go has no way to actually see your opponent people can just say what they want and be mean,rude and salty all the time and never have repercussions. This has made it so the CS:GO community is very volatile and toxic and you have to be a very strong minded person to actually play without getting upset or retaliating.
It is generally common that every game you play there will be at the very least one rager and even if they don't rage that game there will still be toxicity in the chat or over voice between your team.
The sort of rage, salt and harassment there is in CS varys a huge amount from just minor rage and banter between teammates and enemies to screaming down the mic and abusing the other player until they retaliate or give up.”

Scene 4 : clips of cs (Break away scene)

The different types of salt and the different ways you see it in CS:GO

“The range of ways people will mock other players is very big but the actually stuff they come up with and say is even larger people can go from calling you bad at the game(USE A CLIP OF SOMEONE DOING THIS) to dissing what you look like in real life(CLIP), even when they've never seen them. They can be racist and discriminative(CLIP) or they can start talking about your family(CLIP). The range is just huge and since there will never be any consequences to what they say they will just carry on doing and go as far as they like.“

Lots of clips of rage and salt(1-1.5mins) (MONTAGE)

Scene 5: Pro rage

Use clips of raging pros

“This salt and rage is not only seen in the casual player area we also see it in the professional scene(most commonly in North America)”
Montage of the na pro rage(1-1.5 mins)
“But we also see it in all parts of the pro scene with some of the europeans actually getting mad the odd time too and being salty and raging”
Montage of eu pro rage(1-1.5mins)
“Most of the pros who rage are made into memes and jokes because of this. But at the same time it makes it seem okay for anyone to rage like them coz they are pros so why shouldn't we do what they do.”

Scene 6: Conclusion??

Close the documentary with a mash up of pro and normal people raging.
Voice over:
“The rage and salt in CS:GO can never be removed, it will only grow. But on the bright side it's funny to watch Pros and just normal people get so angry over a video game.”
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