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Matt   Canada
Welcome to my profile. I don't add random people!

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in the event I die, the following people will receive;

Remy - All my Terraria worlds
Brian - My RPG accounts I never use
Gear - All of my undying love
Errzi - My PC
DirtyDan - A better PC

Zek - A ban from FBK
Krelinos - My E2 Knowledge
NoopCake - Good question
myLord - The body of myself which has been siphoned of all life
Skidoo - My PACs
bigdogmat - His PC Parts
Dewott - A floppy disk with self portraits of me
Deadpool - My collection of fine wimmins
O.T. - everything else of value
dave - My cold dead heart
Sven - A lifetime supply of Fritzkola
IGotTheBomb - A subaru
Gojiciennes - All my fishing equipment
TheRocketeer - The original space shuttle itself
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Hello there.
[no sound] means I'm either too lazy to put my headset on, or I just choose to use no sound. I'll use it sometimes. :missing:

Before sending a friend request
I'm an Admin on Freebuild and Kill, & a U-Donator on NeonHeights. Please don't add me just because of those. I've owned servers in the past (Element Gaming being one of them), under different aliases such as portables or demopan. If you know me IRL or know me in game somewhere, feel free to add me. If you change your name a lot, I suggest leaving a comment so I can figure out who you are! I DON'T add random people!

I mostly play :balloon:Garry's Mod, :medicon:Team Fortress 2, and Cod Advanced Warfare.

These servers are great;
Freebuild and Kill (Garry's mod Sandbox)
NeonHeights' Trade Servers (Team Fortress 2)

If you're interested in trading, feel free to send an offer. I only trade things I have 2 or more of. Only items for sale are on page 10 of my TF2 backpack. :crate:

I have servers for most Source games and a few others. Ask me about them if you wish! They're not 24/7 so don't bother searching for them. :csgoglobe:

I do graphic design as a hobby. Feel free to contact me if you're looking for work, I can design just about anything from webpage mockups, Icons, Interfaces and logos, or even textures. I also do web design, but am not a professional. Check out my deviantArt Portfolio [mlevesque.daportfolio.com] for a preview of some of my graphic and web design.

I've owned a few Source servers and am fairly familiar with the ins and outs of it. I have experience with HTML, CSS, and a bit of SQL. My specialty by all means is design.

Also mildly experienced with After Effects. Can produce a simple animation/intro/graphical overlays.

Real life Facts
I love cooking, electronics, servers, and pretty much everything.
My favorite music is Reggae, but I also like EDM, and just about anything.
That's about it!

To do list
I need testers for a map I'm working on; it's near completion, but needs a review on things I may easily overlook. If you wish to test it, and maybe get thrown in the credits, message me! :D
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This is the PoseCore extension for Expression2; a part of the Wiremod addon.

This extension will allow the use of flexes to be controlled and/or automated with E2! If you don't know what flexes are, they're what the Faceposer tool controls.

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Sergal Mar 4 @ 5:53am 
I anion please accept
❄mlevesque95 [mute]❄ Mar 1 @ 5:52pm 
Happy onion grow happy bulb

Thanks sub np look forward to seeing you despite the fact I've been on a break from gmod
[HCI]SubScout Feb 20 @ 9:55pm 
Really? That’s rad mle, I’ll come on when I got free time, thanks for telling me dude, you rock.
Sergal Feb 20 @ 9:46am 
Hello Matt

Happy day today
❄mlevesque95 [mute]❄ Feb 20 @ 8:21am 
Lol sub we have a new server, o.t. called it quits so you can finally come back now :lunar2019laughingpig:
[HCI]SubScout Feb 19 @ 6:07pm 
Hey Mle, long time no see my guy, also, I'm Sub, how are you?