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All traders should join to best CS:GO trading group
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For all who wanna trade with me. PLEASE READ
Hello and welcome. This is my ONE and ONLY ACCOUNT.
I don't buy or sell items for real money.
Don't add me, if you don't have at least 70euro/$74 (USD) value in CS:GO items.
Don't add me, if your profile private, VAC or Trade Ban.
Don't add me or send me offers with empty trades on your sides and on my side something(for free).
Any links, beg or try to scam will result instant block+remove from friend list.
I don't care if you need free items, because its your "birthday" or you need to make your "dream comes true" or anything like that.
No need gifts, steam wallets, real money, games, or any other items from another games.
I have more then 79 000 trades and market transactions. Know all about price of all items.
Don't ask me to help you by saying what you need to do and how to start.
Also im not big fan of Case Hardened items, and probably wont overpay for any CH items (I realy don't care for % of blue on CH items).
I also don't care for stickers on items, name tags or float (for all items bellow 360euro/$404)
Im mostly online all day long, but if i dont answer you or check your steam offer instant, its probably im not near computer. I will answer you and check all offers as fast as possible.
Also any other questions that not have trade topic, will be ignored.
Don't spam in chat or invite me to play with you.
I don't sell boosts or give free items ( no matter is it 0.03 or 333euro/$, answer is always same).
I only do random giveaways(not all day long, but enough) in my steam group : Traders should join here
I trade only items from CS:GO for CS:GO items.
All my items are for trade.
Respect me and my time, and i will respect you and your time too.
Accept = good offer
Decline = offer is too low
Re offer you = offer is close but not enough to make trade completed.

Thanks for reading all this and have a nice day.
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:Gems: Steam name : Mladen_92
:Gems: Steam level : 340
:Gems: Steam Account old : 10+ years
:Gems: Inventory set : Public (only private when im on holiday, then im not trading)
:Gems: Steam and all other reputations from any site : All Positive
:Gems: Trade and Market Transactions made for now : 79 000 +
:Gems: Never reported, banned, scam, cheat or something like that.
:itstime: I'm online almost all day.
:TryAgain:Don't Add me : If you try to scam.
:TryAgain:Don't Add me : If you beg for free items ( I choose when and to who i will give free items)
:TryAgain:Don't Add me : If your profile is private.
:TryAgain:Don't Add me : If your inventory is empty.
:TryAgain:Don't Add me : If your account have Trade or VAC ban.

:RedArrow:If I delete someone, that's why we don't active trading. Less chat, more trades.
:GreenArrow:I clean friend list from inactive users (offline 3days or more). It's nothing personal.
:maglike:I play only Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
:maglike:I trade anything from my inventory.
:GreenArrow:Before you add me, please send me :LTTR: in my comments why you add me.
:maglike:I :Dosh: in :TheKeys:, skins or knives for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items.
:maglike:I accept all quality of items(skins) from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
:GreenArrow:You can send me steam offer, if offer good i will accept it.
:armorp:When trade completed, its final and you can't change your mind same as me.
:itstime: is :Dosh: so please don't waste my and your time by trolling, lowball, higball or try to scam.
:Dosh: :TheKeys: :Gems:

:2016roasted:Stay positive, enjoy and have a nice day my friends !!! :)
CS:GO Trade and Matchmaking - Offentlig gruppe
All Traders and Players are WELCOME !
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Dragon Lore Factory New (world top 100)
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Hello girls and guys !
If you have option to download evidence to overwatch suspects (reported accounts) for cheating, please open it and atleast do one per day. If we all do only one overwatch per day, we probably will reduce big % of cheaters in CS:GO.
Also if you can and have option to make prime account....JUST DO IT ! (better for you and your nerves)

Good luck to all and have a nice days :)

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