[FWKZT] Mka0207
Don't make me laugh.   United States
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Garry's Mod
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We The People
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Super-Henick 27. kvě. v 18.05 
[FWKZT] Mka0207 20. kvě. v 11.39 
Ooo you sound so big and scary.
Karma 20. kvě. v 1.38 
I'll always have the fond memories of what you did to Behraka and Swingflip, of the days I abused mod by going invis and messing with people. All the false bans I made that I'm sure are still there, the years of aimbotting and NOT GETTING CAUGHT.

Was very much worth it, thank you and I might come back with one of my many, many alts.

Sleep well, MKA.
Taylor Swift 11. kvě. v 0.44 
slepey 29. dub. v 21.29 
benches and chairs
[FWKZT] Mka0207 26. dub. v 1.16 
shut up dried soundcloud sperm.