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Since the recent closure of United Front Games, I decided to make a review of what I consider their masterpiece, Sleeping Dogs.


Sleeping Dogs, originally released in 2012 was a shock for me. I didn't like a single thing about True Crime (Sleeping Dogs originally was a True Crime sequel), and I was ignoring it from the announcement until the release. Then, days after release, I got a copy of the game for PS3, since I was curious to see the reason of all those great review scores that it was getting, and decided to try and I was impressed with everything. Hong Kong lives in the game, UFG really made a amazing recreation of it. The story was good, and even more if we take the open-world genre in account, it's not a mind blowing tale, but for it's genre, it's quite well built, graphics were very good, and so the soundtrack.

After I finished it, I decided to wait for the DLCs to play it again but I ended just skipping it. However, sometime ago Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition was in a sale on Steam and I jumped for it, and honestly, I don't regret a single bit. Damn, I could have bought it for the full price and I still wouldn't regret.

First, the PC port is good. We have some graphics options, like AA, shadows quality, motion blur, and full support to 60FPS/1080p+, and this is nice. Also, the Definitive Edition fortunately don't make you overpowered from the start (the original game had a lot of DLCs to get fast upgrades, cars, money and more), and this is great. Also, I played it for long sections without a single crash or breaking bug, another good point. The graphics are okay for today standards.

Talking about the story again, it's not the greatest story ever told, but I enjoyed it. We're playing as the undercover cop Wei Shen, that came back from the USA to work in HKPD, his mission is to infiltrate and weaken one of the triads that run the town, called Sun on Yee (based off on the real HK triad, Sun Yee On). Before leaving Hong Kong for the first time, Wei had contacts within the triad, with made his job easier and as him complete jobs for his leader, Winston Chu, he turns in a very important member. After some events, himself turns in a SoY leader and begin to question his boss in the police. Overall, it's predictable (with the exceptions of some events that really took me in surprise), but it's good, well made, of course, it has some fails and holes, like for example, back in the start of the game, there's almost no guns at all. Then close to the ending, almost every mission will involve a gunfight. Also, some characters, like Sonny Wu, that ends doing a big part on the game, weren't developed at all. Maybe this could be explained with cut contents, I don't know. But still is a good story.

Then, gameplay-wise, the fighting system is extremely good and satisfying. Wei can learn fighting movements with his old sensei, and also he can learn others when your triad level get higher. Exploring the city feels good, it's interesting search for collectibles and there's a lot of side missions, including races, hacking cameras, random events, favors and more. Driving cars is not that pleasant, but is acceptable, and cops porsuit is also good. The game has a good level of customization possibilities, from clothing to buying cars and items for your houses.

And man, the soundtrack. UFG did a great work with it, there's a lot of radios, some with english pop, rock or eletronic, other with cantonese radios, with hip-hop and popular songs in the country, and also, there's a radio with classic music. And it's incredible how some songs are put in story missions, after one of the saddest missions on the game the wedding, this song just begun to play in the first car I got. Then, in a race in a place more distant from the city, this one started.

After writing this, I just feel bad because I know that a sequel is unlikely now. And seeing the status of some franchises owned by Square Enix and their latest titles, like Just Cause and Deus Ex, it might be best to remain like this, but if someday Sleeping Dogs 2 comes, I will be there with my pork buns ready.

REVIEW: 9.5/10
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Moncrow Oct 13 @ 10:58am 
eu gosto muito do brazil. pode darme a suas coins no csgoatse?
Moncrow Oct 13 @ 10:58am 
ganho denovo atse giveaway. pode voce dar-me coins?
Moncrow Oct 13 @ 10:57am 
Mano a terceira vez que gana kk
Moncrow Oct 13 @ 10:44am 
Aí cara, sobre ontem, desculpa, eu perdi o controle, realmente não tinha nada a ver eu ter gritado com você, nem ter falado aquelas coisas escrotas... quem nunca errou que atire a primeira pedra!!!
Pensei bastante essa noite, realmente muitas pessoas tem amigos revolucionários socialistas! eu não vou deixar de falar contigo por causa disso, é sua opção e eu respeito, ontem quando você assumiu ser Karl Marx, foi um choque para todos, eu sempre odiei comunistas e socialistas, por isso eu me estressei na hora com você... não esperava isso de você cara...mas vi que foi muito infantil de minha parte, foi mal mesmo ... Você sempre foi um camarada e não são suas opções sexuais de comuna que vão estragar nossa amizade!