Son Roy "miyata" Almerol   Davao, Philippines
Publicity Manager of Buzz Esports - CSGO [www.facebook.com]
Sponsored by Buzz Internet Cafe
Business Inquiries: sonroya.almerol@gmail.com

Past teams

• Oblation Mix (Tracerino, Alien, j7, jovs)
• Oblation Buzz (Illiden, Alien, rothko, KLD)
• Oblation Buzz [Haven LAN Roster] (Illiden, AutumN, neB, rothko)

Account Information

• SteamID: 76561198351267126
• Steam2ID: STEAM_1:0:195500699
• Steam3ID: [U:1:391001398]

SteamDB [steamdb.info]
CSGO Stats [csgostats.gg]

Personal Settings

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

-novid -high -tickrate 128 -threads 4 -w 1280 -h 1024 -nod3d9ex -nojoy -freq 144 +cl_interp 0 +cl_interp_ratio 1 +mat_queue_mode 2

Mouse: Logitech G102 Prodigy
Mouse Sensitivity: In-Game 1.5 | DPI 800

bind mwheeldown "+jump";bind mwheelup "+jump";bind mouse3 "+lookatweapon";bind space "+voicerecord";bind z "drop";bind t "use weapon_c4; drop";bind c "slot6"

bind f "use weapon_knife; use weapon_flashbang";bind g "slot8";bind x "slot9";bind v "slot10";bind mouse5 +spray_menu;

bind "LEFTARROW" "buy m4a1; buy ak47; buy vest; buy smokegrenade; buy flashbang; buy hegrenade; buy molotov; buy incgrenade; buy vesthelm; buy defuser";bind "UPARROW" "buy tec9; buy fn57; buy vest;"

bind "DOWNARROW" "buy deagle; buy vest;";bind "RIGHTARROW" "buy ump45; buy vest;"

alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack" ;alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump" ;bind x "+jumpthrow";cl_autowepswitch 0;cl_hud_radar_scale "1.1";cl_radar_always_centered "0";cl_radar_icon_scale_min "0.7"

cl_radar_rotate "1";cl_radar_scale "0.3";cl_radar_square_with_scoreboard "1";cl_updaterate 128; cl_cmdrate 128; mat_monitorgamma 1.6;

m_rawinput 1;m_customaccel 0;cl_forcepreload 1;sensitivity 1.5;cl_disablefreezecam 1;net_client_steamdatagram_enable_override -1;gameinstructor_enable "0";cl_autohelp "0"

cl_crosshairalpha 255; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshairdot 0; cl_crosshairgap -1; cl_crosshairsize 2.5; cl_crosshairstyle 5; cl_crosshaircolor 2;viewmodel_presetpos 3;

cl_crosshairusealpha 1; cl_crosshairthickness 0; cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0; cl_crosshair_sniper_width 1;net_graph 1;echo "miyata's config is ready.";host_writeconfig

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Recent Activity

1,869 hrs on record
last played on Dec 8
190 hrs on record
last played on Aug 19
0.2 hrs on record
last played on Jun 19
Alien Dec 6 @ 2:26am 
ching ch:csgo_crown:ng
neB the positive player Oct 30 @ 8:41am 
singed by neb
LA Oct 21 @ 9:28am 
signed by LA:steamfacepalm:
-JoshS Oct 18 @ 10:33am 
Signed by :csgogun:JoshS
HarryFromThe9 Oct 18 @ 7:11am 
Signed by Harry:csgocross:
DubsteP Oct 11 @ 10:04pm 
Signed by DubsteP :keiro: