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This mod is a very simple mod which adds an isis country. It can declare war easily. Please give feedback and if you liked it give it a thumbs up!
44 ratings
Created by - Gorilla Jones
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FuckTheCommunity - Public Group
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General Rules for steme

Don't Invite me to the groups I will never join your group simply out of spite
Don't invite me to any game (i'm playing only single piss off wankers)
Don't Send me any links i will never open them anyway
If you sent me a message it will be most likely ignored

Adding rules>friend rules
I'm adding everybody regardless of their stupid views or something
one thing is simple if you annoy me by breaking simple rules that are written above i just may go berserk on you and harass you till you block me xD))or simply delete you or even ignore if i'm in the good mood which is rare

I'm adding friends simply for collecting i don't really interested who i am adding or what
Bums,smurfs,tradeBanned,bots,fuckin chatters,spammers will be deleted or rejected
Private profiles will be deleted if found or rejected if adding (what's where to hide moron?
Vac banned users accepted like everyone else
cause to me there is no difference between scum and scum with VAC but still don't think that we are equal you banned i'm not):lunar2019grinningpig:

Users with any sites in their nicknames will not be added, deleted if found
All users with any advertisement in their profiles will be deleted if found and rejected if adding
Same goes for half hidden profiles with aesthetic of fuckin japan and animo, ultra pessimists and whiners yearning for attention just eat your fuckin rice in japan and eat goat's shit but pls don't use steme you are pathetic
Zero tolerance for cs,dota players,tanks,minecraft and all retarded games and pseudo gamers with hidden game activity and lower than 100 games xD)and so called active steam users and scrennshattt lavers you make me sick really wtf why so serious
I don't wanna see fuckin niggas rap lovers! and billie whore! fuck that shit! and you!
Animo lovers tread lightly cause i get cringe when i see you profiles, hentai don't count that shit makes my peepee hard nowadays but your fat face don't:lunar2019laughingpig:
Religious cunts,lgbt,feminists,trans get the fuck outta here! trash!

Content Rules
Post any content on my profile containing the following:
Porn, inappropriate or offensive content, leaked content or anything else not safe for steme and amusing
Threats of violence or harassment, even if serious)
Racism, discrimination is welcome
Abusive language, including swearing

Personal info
Age Enough to use volvo's steme and talk shit in internet
I don't wear underpants
Ex thief,unemployed
Education streets yo!xD
I once urinated on some guy in the shower

Additional info(you so love it don't ya read shit in steme)
If you wanna ask me for some free items you will never get it! im no charity guy i'd rather delete my whole account than i gift something to a random dog but you can still ask i can use a good laugh xDD)
If you interested in trade i can only accept trade with additional 20% of total steme offer)
Cheaters scammers on steme right on man! keep it up! try to scam me it makes me horny of your attention to try monkeys)
I'm using SAM periodically cause i can! you don't approve? you can suck it up chump and btw unlocking achieves with sam not cheating if you not gonna play these games something to think huh? pigheaded achievement warriors
Guys with their real photos on steam avatar wtf is wrong with you
you don't need to show yourself just to suck my cock just leave a comment

If you think about deleting me from friends you better block me cause i can comeback for you:lunar2019madpig:
See ya fags!
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Created by - 桐子 [JP]
36 ratings
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anime for ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ kids

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i would be ♥♥♥♥♥♥ too
yep it is in the blood i presume) xD
oldfart 2 hours ago 
do i only one noticed that users with country germany kinda toxic as fak?
oldfart 2 hours ago 
oldfart 2 hours ago 
He reads more people than u books at ur whole life. xD
Overconfident specimen noob at life and just oversensitive mama's boy with a potential at being the legend in lf2(his own words) ahahhaha:lunar2019laughingpig: