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12 hours ago
In topic is the LEO 2K good?
It's pretty fun, one of the very few German tanks with a usefull MG on top, no armor, but not like the 2A5 doesn't get oneshot constantly.
That moment when you realize it's at the same BR as the M901 somehow.

Also I think these should apply automatically, I think on the BMP once I unlocked the new missile it changed immediately and wasn't optional.
No one asked for the BMP or M41, but they do need those vehicles or vehicles like it.
Originally posted by -=Angel=-:
Originally posted by Scheneighnay:
I second that everyone else should play with a trackball, motion controls, the NES microphone, or a USB steering wheel
you know that 1 on 1 i can probably snipe you long before you even see me? and im using a trackball. pretty much 90% of me dieing in this game is because i got flanked due to team that is unable to see an enemy tank even if i place it 1 meter infront of them (i know because the enemy team have the same issue)

I mean if you kill me before I see you, it doesn't matter if i'm using a trackball or bongos.
I mean i'm at sub 50% winrate, thanks Germany, and I still lose more games on average, so it's not as if I get nothing but winstreaks now, I still lose 20 games in a row on a weekly basis.

If you're at 70% winrate it just means you play UK or US and it seems you have very little reason to complain about any kind of matchmaking.
Jan 20 @ 3:59pm
In topic What's the deal with the Me410s?
Statcards are not really reliable, I prefer to test things myself anyways, especially because of the limited info found on statcards.
A tank with a topspeed of 60 km/h it will never even reach, can be outperformed by one that has a max of 40 km/h because of acceleration and better handling.
Jan 20 @ 7:08am
In topic Me 163 and ho 229? He 162 worth?
Ho229 seems pretty trash, they nerfed the guns a long time ago, it has large spread, poor belts and it doesn't fly great without a rudder.. although you can still have your tail/rudder damaged and crash through it somehow.
Jan 20 @ 6:56am
In topic What's the deal with the Me410s?
Originally posted by Sobolewski:
Originally posted by Mirage:

i mean my Arado has a lower performance at 6.7 than a 3. something P-47 currently. I mean my Arado isn't spaded yet but that's difficult to achieve when you get outclassed by everything and you don't have guns.
That's ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t. It's much, much faster, manuevers better, retains energy better and even accelerates better. And it carries a similar but slightly bigger 3x500kg bombload than the P47's 2x1000lb + 500lb. Only disadvantage is the 6.7 one lacks a gun.

Maybe upgraded it does, but in it's current setup it does not as I mentioned.

A P-47 at low altitude has a cruising speed of 550km/h, or 500 km/h with bombs.
Arado does 540 km/h with bombs.

It takes about 2 minutes to go from 300 km/h to 500km/h in level flight with the Arado.
Climbing speed at 15 degrees is 230 km/h, where the P-47 does over 270 km/h.

At high altitude the Arado does 400 km/h and overheats constantly, the P-47 does 465 km/h.
Without bombs the Arado does 520 km/h and the P-47 does 500 km/h.

Just some stats I collected and the question is how much the Arado would improve with a few more upgrades, currently they're pretty similar only the Arado has no guns which is obviously a major flaw, but nothing to give it the BR difference it has yet.
Jan 20 @ 4:37am
In topic What's the deal with the Me410s?
Originally posted by Sobolewski:
As a rule of thumb for aircraft with a ton of variants, the ones featuring the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ly big cannons meant for giving tumours to ground forces are often on the higher tiers. As are the ones with more or upgraded weaponry. Otherwise, yeah, Gaijin doesn't make sense with, like, 80% of their decisions.

It still boggles my mind how an Me 264 that is faster, climbs better, carries more bombs than a B-17E and is arguably better defended in terms of guns, got to be introduced at 3.7 and to this day has only ever made it to 4.3, while the inferior B-17E sits at 5.3 - a whole BR above.

i mean my Arado has a lower performance at 6.7 than a 3. something P-47 currently. I mean my Arado isn't spaded yet but that's difficult to achieve when you get outclassed by everything and you don't have guns.
Jan 19 @ 5:22pm
In topic What's the deal with the Me410s?
Don't think that justifies a 1.3 BR difference however.
Jan 18 @ 2:33pm
In topic Lucky wheel
Yeah i've tried that, always just some garbage RP or a T-shirt.. atleast I have a sizeable clothing collection now..
Jan 18 @ 2:14pm
In topic Lucky wheel
Never won anything in countless of spins on the wheel, 1 in 20 nonsense.
Jan 18 @ 12:38pm
In topic Overpowered p2w sweden tank
Originally posted by (。◕‿◕。):
Well, yes, both tanks in the tree are op, especially the SAV. They're balanced by the fact that if you die then you have to either burn a backup, have enough sp for a plane or leave the match.

Not that many people are going to waste back ups on an empty tree with nothing to unlock.

As mentioned, they get 3 repawns per game so they're not balanced at all. Not sure if they can use backups on top of the respawns.
Jan 17 @ 2:09pm
In topic What faction does well at 5.0
US pretty easily.
Jan 17 @ 1:01pm
In topic T55 am or leopard l/44 am
You're limiting yourself quite a lot that way if you and take a small amount of ammo and have to find a spot where you can hull down just to survive a shot.
Jan 16 @ 6:34am
In topic Historical Accuracy
Not everything has to be able to be killed frontally, with the speed of the Maus and especially the sound you'll hear it coming from a mile away, and then have an hour to do something with it. It's prime bait for flanking and the majority of tanks that will easily pen it with a better gun, velocity, mobility, reloadspeed and everything.
Jan 16 @ 5:25am
In topic Ju288 worth to buy?
They 'fixed' the bomber problem by making it worse so the earnings in SL are gone for most bombers or atleast gotten a lot worse, RP also doesn't seem great.

I bombed 16 tons in a game of arcade and got 15k SL out of it.. don't know about RP.
Jan 16 @ 4:49am
In topic Ju288 worth to buy?
Not sure if bombers are worth it these days in terms of rewards. But in itself it's one of the better German bombers
Jan 16 @ 4:19am
In topic Historical Accuracy
Not like the Maus has a 5 second reload and a railgun.. it has a pretty mediocre velocity round and only recently did it actually get a scope with zoom after all these years.. it will get one tapped by a BMP from across the map that can pen 2 Maus in a row with a missile or something.
Jan 16 @ 4:15am
In topic Add a new line to Brit Tanks
I think we just need a tree for axis and one for allies that have all the vehicles that don't fit into a regular tree.. same tree China should have been in rather than the 90% copy paste bs.
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