Mikael   Kuopio, Eastern Finland, Finland
I play amnesia, mineshafter, skyrim, but theyre not on steam. i play tf2 that is on steam so join me, im a scout in the game! the reason i put no country on my info is that serbia is not listed in countries
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btw yeah its super cool to call yourself top mid player while playing open 6s
Thomas A. Anderson #ilovetrinity Sep 14, 2017 @ 6:14am 
aight dude i dont know why you acting like you know me and all that shit i never meet you. you just randomly add me said scrim and i said no thanks so please just cus you know how i use to act dosent mean you can just come in call me stuff ducky that dude i only know for 2 months and then quit talking to him so please for the love of god dont act good you want mge lost to me complain i sticky spam well i dont see why you act like you the best demon in open and yes just cus i play in open you dont think i can go playoffs well m8 i think i got chance so please wanna say something say it to me in message and dont comment then complain about me doing something to you you little prick
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Just wanted to drop by and say hi.

And also say that i noticed that you have 666 hours on eastside hockey manager