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Lucian - 4:49 PM: if it makes u uwu
Lucian - 4:49 PM: its a loli
Lucian - 4:49 PM: it just how it be
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‹‹ rain Jun 9, 2018 @ 4:03pm 
Greetings wile,

It appears to us that you have been cheating in several United Gaming Clans Highlander Matches and Multiple HLPugs.tf Pugs. You will be unable to play any form of matches for United Gaming Clans League for one year. You will be unbanned on 6/9/2019. You will also receive a ban on HLPugs.tf for the same length as your UGC Ban. If you are found to be not cheating after more extensive reviews, you will be unbanned. We do not tolerate cheaters in our league.

wile 76561198125261443 U:1:164995715 Cheating in a match 6/9/2018 6/9/2019

If you have any further questions relating to your ban, feel free to reach out.

-HL AC Team