Burlington, Vermont, United States
Officially retired from TF2. Thanks for everything! <3
(I'm currently a pyro sub on Time Warp Trio Trio though XD)

Yes, I'm fully aware that I'm banned on steamrep and I’m working on getting that appealed. As of today, steamrep hasn’t gotten back on my latest appeal two months after I made it but I’m still holding out hope I’ll get cleared sometime in the near future. Worst case, I'll just accept the ban and not trade that much anymore and not worry about it as long as I can still play HL and everything. From what I know, I believe most of y'all know that I was hijacked and that the hijacker tried to scam people under my name. I'm very sorry about this and just know I mean no harm. <3

Disclaimer: I probably won’t accept random adds unless I recognize you and or we have friends in common. If you really expect me to accept your friend request, please comment before adding me. Thanks. :)
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“All my reliable ringers are all f**king Overwatch players now.”- B4nny
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Porsche Jul 17 @ 5:26pm 
distance1499 Jul 16 @ 11:11am 
3...2...1...BOOM!!! 💣🙅‍♂️😯 you’ve been hit with the minion mistle! 🤣🍌👁 there is minions all over the place 👀👶🙀 repost this to 10 of your friends 🤝👱‍♀️🧑 to remove all the funny minions 🍌🍌🍌
Ridge Jun 17 @ 4:14pm 
I am gonna miss all the sick minion frags :(
(Wizzcore) Jun 17 @ 11:08am 
Spooky ghost toast :iambread: Oooooooooo
Nightfall Jun 8 @ 6:44pm 
Greetings and hello there! My name is Nightfall and I'd like to add you in hopes that we can chat and become friends and get to know each other! <3
emc.Rushie May 29 @ 6:35pm 
Adding to inquire if you want to be a main pyro on my HL team.