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2:20 - Rockin132: Pepper flavoured ham is like
2:20 - Rockin132: I have to remember that
2:20 - Rockin132: Put it on a menu at a fancy restaurant
2:20 - Rockin132: "Sir isn't this just ham with pepper?"
2:20 - Rockin132: "No it's pepper flavoured ham sir"

Chime♪: more fins in my team than at most finnish bus stops :^)

Kingsom : teeru u should slap mik next time u see him
Teeru : yea sure
Rockin132: LOL
Teeru : >:)
Rockin132 : Im not sure Teeru can do violence
Rockin132 : Someone who likes kittens as much as Teeru can't possibly be violent

0:32 - |FV| Rockin132: you're like one of those white girls who has 10,000 selfies on her phone
0:32 - |FV| Rockin132: and then is like
0:32 - |FV| Rockin132: "Why is my phone so slow"

18:50 - miknando: just waiting for my old teammate to come online so i can ask her to draw a pic like this of me
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: oooh
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: are you a sexy man
18:51 - miknando: imm ok xD
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: THATS NOT A YES
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: WHERES THE YES
18:51 - miknando: similar to tseini
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: I AM A SEXY MAN
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: XD
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: You have to be confident my man
18:51 - miknando: yes im a fucking sexy man
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: say
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: "Yes Im a
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: HAHHA
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: YES
18:51 - UlTINAtePopcorn: PERFECT

synrise: The fact that you combine great decloacks/bs plays with good hs makes you one of the most unpredictable spies i have ever played against.

23:30 - chooper: damn my gf doesnt wanna hug cuz i am sick hahaah :D
23:30 - miknando: sick from your mind or sick sick
23:30 - chooper: hahahaaha
23:30 - chooper: sick sick
23:30 - chooper: :D

15.41 - ❤ Leia ❤: Moi! Pääset vuoden peleihin, tosi jees :)))
15.41 - ❤ Leia ❤: En tiiä pitääkö onnitella? Kai....onnea :P
12.34 - miknando: Kiitos kiitos, olin ite kerenny jo unohtamaan et olin päässy edes kuukaude playhi
15.41 - ❤ Leia ❤: Niin ihanan suomalainen ja vaatimaton xD

14:10 - Domaytoe | DeutschLAN.tf: I bet my ass that this guy is like 14-16 or smth
14:10 - Domaytoe | DeutschLAN.tf: fkn hell Mikael, get a grip
14:10 - miknando: you fkn ageist
14:11 - Domaytoe | DeutschLAN.tf: yeah, age is just a number
14:11 - Domaytoe | DeutschLAN.tf: tell that the judge
14:11 - Domaytoe | DeutschLAN.tf: you pedo

kudo shinichi : its like healing better pub version of myself
вмѕ | miknando : my life is complete now
Forty-Two: god damn it hartz the last thing this guy needed is a bigger ego

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Piney <3 Oct 5, 2017 @ 4:31pm 
Hello everyone! I'm Andis, and welcome to today's cooking show! On this
episode, we will be making a classic, yet somewhat modern Soap Cake! Now
I know what you're thinking, who in their right mind wants a soap
cake!? But we're not in our right mind so that's A-OK! But enough about
that, let's get started! For ingredients, you will need cake mix, eggs,
butter, milk, the most fucked up route in existence, and some fine
quality soap. Begin by mixing all of the ingredients in a bowl, and add
extra soap for extra taste! Now that you are all mixed, put that bad boy
in the oven for 30 seconds, and think about the scrumptious cake that
will soon caress your taste buds. Once baked, take that moist cake out
of the oven and slather it in some icing, strawberries, and extra soap
for good measure. Once done, give it to your favorite friend and be
prepared to experience true rejection. Well, that's it for today's
episode, until next time, stay squeaky!
Saga Norén Aug 29, 2017 @ 6:10pm 
mik: hold my brain im going in
Bandit ツ Jul 11, 2017 @ 3:41pm 

Loves full stops.
ballzy May 25, 2017 @ 4:53am 
Yes sex
No sex
Chronos May 25, 2017 @ 4:29am 
Yes sex
No sex