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"burn all the cripples, but also don't" -viktor

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Words of Wisdom - Mikjaash
when I say stupid stuff, I get quoted.
I then have to post it here for the whole world to see the stupid stuff I say.
those are the rools.

i'm rick harrison and these are my Words of Wisdom™™.

:rfacepalm: "the idiot zombie brains would malfunction from ice crystals expanding in their brain" - Viktor, 2019

:rfacepalm: "does space have wifi?" - Viktor, 2019

:rfacepalm: "illnesses were created by the napkin industry" Viktor - October 31st 2018

:rfacepalm: "if the sky was light it'd be daytime" Viktor - in october 2018

:rfacepalm: "hitler could NOT be trusted" Viktor the Historian - October 6th 2018

:rfacepalm: "why can't I sell it? it doesn't exist!" Viktor the Broker - September 8 2018

:rfacepalm: "trying to direct my cock into me'' Viktor April 2018

:rfacepalm: "These are the kinds of trees I see on eco houses." - Viktor, the mad lad designer 26/3/18

:rfacepalm: "Why social media gotta be so social" - Viktor strikes again 2k18

:heart: 'I wish traps were legal' Viktor realising his sexuality 2018

:rfacepalm: "I keep getting couches from work" - Viktor 2k18

:rfacepalm: "Bois gotta eat" - mayor of flavor, viktor 2017

:rfacepalm: "Aboriginals wear jeans clothing" - Viktor, International Man of Mystery, 2017

:rfacepalm: "Hooo Pffff" - Viktor 2k17

:rfacepalm: "I'm so getting an Aryan blood boy when I get rich" - Viktor - 2017-07-15

:rfacepalm: "the 00s were actually awful. it's like the world wasn't sure if it was still the 90s or not" - Viktor - 2017-07-12

:rfacepalm: "Victorian is all fancy pants England with faggots in wigs and powdered faces." - Viktor - 2017-07-11

:rfacepalm: "cuz we got a boner for history and a massive god complex" - Viktor - 2017-06-27

:rfacepalm: "D O M I N A N C E _ I S S U E S" - Viktor - 2017-06-26

:rfacepalm: ""when i grow up, i want to be rich, depressed, alone in a giant mansion, and playing the piano in the middle of the night" - viktor von beethoven - 2017-06-07

:rfacepalm: "Eating your own casper's fluid" - viktor the love doctor 6/2/2017 (it's actually "cowper's fluid". fuck you, Jaxsen for adding this.)

:rfacepalm: "Went out and smelled Brünos asshole" - Viktor 6/1/2017

:rfacepalm: "northern sweden has no oak trees" - viktor - 2017-05-31

:rfacepalm: "the world is not run by governments, but by movies and homeless people." - viktor - 2017-05-24

:rfacepalm: "Sweden - We may have hot girls, but none of them do porn." - viktore 2017

:mazeltov: "carpooling is a conspiracy, designed by communists and jews to destroy the capitalist society by making 5 people use 1 car instead of buying 5 cars" - viktor

:D: "I don't necessarily want rich people helping the poor people. I want the populace, the nation, to help itself." - viktor and his lifelong friend - 1939

:rfacepalm: "*fart noise*" - viktor 2016

:rfacepalm: "my tummy is small, as well" - 2o16-11-07 - V

:rfacepalm: "i wanna go live in a tent" - Nov 3'rd 2016 - Viktor

:rfacepalm: "Hitler ain't got shit on you" - Oct 15 2016 - Viktor

:rfacepalm: "What's a corndog?"- viktor - 2016-10-09

:rfacepalm: "anything can be a wall if you tilt your head"- viktor - 00:03

:rfacepalm: "you can't pedal without legs"- viktor - yesterday

:rfacepalm: "I FEEL LIKE I'M HAVING AN ORGASM"- viktor - saturday, the 25th of june 2016

:rfacepalm: "if at first you don't succeed, fuck off and go play video games or something" - viktor- dunno

:rfacepalm: "if i ever get cap'd by isis and executed on camera, edit it in hilarious fashion" -viktor-2o16 -05-1O

:rfacepalm: "youtube drama is a conspiracy to get more subscribers" - biktor - 2k16-04-23

:rfacepalm: "if u ain't white u ain't right" - viktor - 7/31/15

:rfacepalm: "actresses that portray non-slut parts are always sluts irl" - viktor - 2016-04-13

:rfacepalm: "burn all the cripples, but also don't" - viktor - some time in febuary 2016

:rfacepalm: "don't be a puss. crush puss." - viktor - 2015


®™© on all of dese.
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Mikjaash Apr 15, 2018 @ 3:39am 
@Retrowaver High-five, although I wasn't the one that made it
Mikjaash Apr 3, 2018 @ 7:59am 
No hacks. Just good. Stop being bad.
Ratasesina Apr 3, 2018 @ 7:25am 
bastard hacker
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High Five for using same Tutorial for our profile Pic :D
I'M ON A SKITS MISSION Mar 8, 2018 @ 1:48pm 
nice k/d
Mac Attack Jan 27, 2018 @ 5:29am 
Hey, I'm just contacting you to ask a question about ur gta 5 witness mod. If you have a change, can you message me? I added you to friends on steam