If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.



1. When on the offensive, throw stickybombs into doorways and entrances, and detonate, to avoid being surprised.

2. Remember, sticky traps save lives.

3. Spam pipes into corridors when you know there are enemies nearby.

4. First sticky, force the enemies move. Second sticky, block off his target. Third sticky, block of his exit.

5. The bottle is just as important as the grenade launcher, remember to use it!


1. Coordinate with your spy to conduct a sap and burn.

2. Use your airblast for everything, it can be used for more than just reflecting projectiles, also use it for confusing your enemies, keeping them at a distance especially when they are attempting to melee you (demoknight or sniper especially

3. You can use the pyros jetpack to cover distances, but also to disorient enemies by flying behind them.

4. He who uses the most gasoline in the fight, comes out on top. Keep that flamethrower burning nonstop when faced with multiple enemies.

5. Equip the powerjack and have it out and swinging when you aren't actively fighting, the 15% speed boost is a powerful tactical advantage.


The organization is hidden in plain sight. Only those who believe, can hope to enter.

We are looking for individuals with real life skill sets. We offer a chance for anyone looking for power, money, and alliance. Everyone is respected for what they can offer the guild.

Our agenda and our operations are unknown to those who are not within the inner circle of this society.
But rise up in rank and one day you will be involved in highly lucrative and secretive operations, that only those with iron stomachs can handle.

Those who decide to enter must swear an oath of allegiance, and will be tested to determine what skills he or she has to offer for the clan.

Later in the future you may or may not be trained to perform tasks that the organization favors.

If you have a talent, we can use you.
If you are smart and have brass in your balls, we need you.

If you wish to apply for membership, ask harrylerman or myself.
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Added to try out for sniper in HL.
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