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I was with Yer Ma doing electrical, so it's not me dummy.
Posted September 21.
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A simple and relaxing game.

(It says recieved for free but that's just a bug, I bought this game)
Posted July 18. Last edited August 9.
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ONLINE: 5/10
+ Fun with friends.
+ Repetitive, but fun and the grind makes it challenging.
+ You can dress as a legendary Mexican.
- Lots of bugs and glitches.
- Network error 0x40003002.
- Lots of cheaters who uses mods. They are lowlifes with no honour or skill.
- Rockstar is a gold digger. They will make the game a bit harder to make you buy gold.

+ Wild West.
+ Lovely graphics.
+ Great actors.
+ Nice story.
+ Snow physics.
+ Antagonize Micah.
Posted July 14. Last edited September 5.
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Early Access Review
It's full of narcissistic people. They keep staring at themselves on the mirror and they change character models to show off. I MISS CLUB PENGUIN.
Posted December 17, 2019. Last edited December 17, 2019.
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Posted December 5, 2019. Last edited July 17.
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I use this to play Sekiro and it made the game a little bit easier. It's not worth €54.99, but €20 or less with shipping of course lol.

€5.50 Sale
Extra buttons on the back
Buttons are tactile, but loud
Gives me better control for movement speed
It made it easier to play Dark Souls and Sekiro
The batteries are not built-in, so I can change them easily

It's bulky
Vibration is too weak
It's made of cheap plastic
€54.99 full price is OVER PRICED
The glossy part on the front is prone to scratches and mine arrived with scratches already

2 batteries
Steam controller
Steam wireless bluetooth receiver
Posted December 4, 2019. Last edited December 4, 2019.
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This deserves a GOTY and I'm glad it won the Game Awards!

In order to see the beauty of the game you have to fight for it and earn it. If you have this attitude then this is the game for you.

As I expected, the graphics are gorgeous, the music is amazing, the story is brilliant, and the play style is fantastic! On top of that it's challenging but rewarding!

I played my first new game without watching any playthroughs and I suggest you do the same.

So far, I experienced 3 play styles:
1) Sekiro (counterattack + tools + attack)
2) Dark Souls 3 (parry + shield + attack)
3) Bloodborne (parry + gun + attack)

My favourite play style is Sekiro's because it has the fastest pace out of the 2 and I prefer that. It seems to have the longest learning curve for me. It's probably because I'm used to parrying and attacking and counterattacking is new to me. Parrying and attacking will not always work in Sekiro and I'm guilty of this. Every enemy I encountered taught me something new and it's like preparing me for the next boss. I have to find out what tools to use, what movement sets to do and find out what enemies and bosses I can parry and what I can't. All the enemies are unique with different combat styles and you cannot parry all of them. Furthermore, I don't have to worry about building several attributes like VIT, INT, DEX, STR and Luck or upgrade 2 or more different weapons in order to progress into the game. I just need to collect EXP, increase my vitality, my attack power and upgrade my prosthetic arm. It's straightforward. I also found Sekiro the easiest to play and that's why it doesn't need multiplayer. It’s story-driven providing you the best solo experience.

Sekiro is different from Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 because it's more vibrant and the darkness is depicted in different colours. It has so much detail that reaches your eyes and soul and the graphics are very attractive and immersive. There are autumn leaves, flowers, great views of mountains, waterfalls, wooden bridges and ancient Japanese houses. FromSoftware really knows how to make great views that you could screenshot and set as your wallpaper. I now have a collection of pictures of old Japan.

For the soundtrack, they used flutes, guitars and drums and other instruments that were used in ancient Japan to make the music more immersive. Even the default language audio is in Japanese.

I cannot say much about the story because I don't want to spoil it. Basically, the story is fantastic as I expected and there are different endings and hidden bosses. I found it easier and faster to understand compared to Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3. I feel it's more well laid out and I just need to follow through.

Sekiro is very optimized as I expected, I believe this will run smoothly as well on the PS4 Pro. I have a smooth experience running it at max settings with my 980Ti and i7-2600K on 1080p.
Posted November 30, 2019. Last edited December 16, 2019.
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Konami, I'm not sure why this is the only Silent Hill game you licensed for Steam. What's troubling you from licensing the other Silent Hill games? I'll just assume Homecoming is more compatible because more work was put into it to be released in many platforms. If you release Silent Hill 2 and 3 or even make a remake you'd make lots of money. CAPCOM IS AHEAD OF YOU, DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This used to work until the developers hard coded the default settings within the game files.
1. Right-click on the game and go to Properties.
3. Go to Engine folder.
4. Open vars_pc with Notepad.
5. Scroll down and find fps=false fpsLimit=30 maxFPSLimit=30.
6. Change them to fps=true fpsLimit=60 maxFPSLimit=60.
Posted September 22, 2019. Last edited September 28, 2019.
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I love cooking :D

I've been waiting for a cooking simulator for a LONG TIME! When I was a kid I go to game websites and I always look for cooking games because it's fun and it helps soothes my hunger. Cooking Simulator is SO RELATE-ABLE because I cook in real life like how I cook in game, I'm messy and I make a lot of mistakes LOL. I love making experiments without searching up recipes, the bad thing is if it turns out bad I waste ingredients.

THE CONTROLS ARE HARD AND WHEN IT LAGS THE FOOD FLIES IN THE ROOM. To be honest I feel they rushed this game. They changed the release date many times before and that proves there is still more to be done. I want this game to be more optimized so I get less lag when I'm walking or running. There are some bugs that needs fixing for example, sometimes the food gets stuck.
Posted September 20, 2019. Last edited November 26, 2019.
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Dear Mr X,
You have that name for a reason,
I thought you were loyal, but you committed treason,
You follow me around because you want love,
You are my X so stop pushing me around.
I got a job in the police department,
I killed zombies and went down the basement,
It was horrible and I was scared,
But you showed up because you care.
I have to run to avoid you,
And I'm getting tired I want this through,
If all you want is to love me,
Please do it quick and kiss me.
From Leon.
Posted July 12, 2019. Last edited December 2, 2019.
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