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[h1] Dust: An Elysian Tail was an amazing experience that I regret not playing sooner. [/h1]

Dust was absolutely magical. From the moment I started I loved it. I was worried about that actually. When I saw the tags on the store page, I questioned whether I would enjoy this game. Usually I'm turned off by Metroidvania and RPG. Thankfully, I didn't find Dust to be hard to get the hang of.

The inventory system is easy to understand, and I found it fun to make items from blueprints. The health system I wasn't a big fan of. Why bother having so many different kinds of food to choose from? It made my inventory unnecessarily cluttered. Also, I'd only craft the equipment worth crafting, so I was left with many useless materials in my inventory as well. They don't sell for much either.

The main story was fantasic. I thought it was well written, and I was not able to guess the 'twist'. I sympathized with the characters, and I found myself eager to find out what would happen next. The ending made me sad! With the exception of one side quest (the one where you play store errand boy), I found them not pointless. Some quests added to the story, while others simply gave insight on the people and the universe you're in. I wished some of the side characters had more a purpose though. I especially wanted to learn more of the Moonbloods. Voice acting was great. Every character had its own distinctive voice.

The combat was quite hacky slashy, but I enjoyed it. There weren't 50 different moves you had to memorize. Instead you had a short list of combos you could do, and you could string different ones together to keep the combat flowing. I did not think any part of this game was grindy. The whole game looked so beautiful. The graphics, the animations, everything was so smooth and detailed. The soundtrack was decent and fit the mood.

The length was nice and long as well. 10+ hours of gameplay makes the frugal in me happy. I could see myself playing this again to get achievements in the future. I highly recommend!

There are no jump scares.

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