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A game to define our generation. Fap Queen 2 makes a poignant statement on our society by demonstrating that people are willing to slap their balls and eat their own ejaculate when commanded by an anime girl. The art style is generic but perfectly serviceable and the writing is about as good as one would expect from a porn game. A disappointing feature is the fact that you can only finish to a single girl, assuming your gamer honour keeps you from cheating.
The audio slider doesn't work for the moans of one of the girls and now my parents are kicking me out.
Potat0o💖么 Apr 26 @ 9:14pm 
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weeb Feb 23 @ 1:24pm 
oh you're a forklift driver?
do you wanna maybe go out sometime?
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meruk Oct 4, 2019 @ 9:38pm 
big ol jar of cum cum cummies