Baculum Muncher
Rest Easy, Dogbomb.   United States
Genderfluid, any pronouns ok

No, you didn't "accidentally" report me.
No, I'm not "voting" for your "team."
No, the Steam admins don't interact with the community via chat.
No, my account isn't getting banned for "duplicating items" or "illegal purchases"
No, I'm not giving you my items. Get a job and buy them.

If I ever want to trade, I will initiate it. Otherwise, the answer will always be no.

Don't bother sending friend requests unless we've played TF2 together or you're a genuine furry. New accounts, private accounts, traders, fascists, bigots, and toxic tryhards DNI, no exceptions.

I'm tired of receiving invites from people looking to trade. There are some exceptions, like if I have a whole bunch of near worthless items and you want to trade me a scrap or two for them, I don't care. But if you want my unusuals or my other cosmetics (especially the fox hat) then go bug someone else.

Info about me:

I may spray NSFW furry art from time to time, but that does not mean I will engage in any kind of sexual activity. I will not engage in "yiff" or any other form of roleplay with anyone. Sorry. If you think I'm hot and you wanna yiff or do something sexy with me, that's cool, but keep your fantasies to yourself.

Die-hard furry!

Feel free to join my group here!

I'm a furry, as you might have noticed. Nothing wrong with that, contrary to popular belief. I don't mind letting fur haters of any kind kiss my ass from time to time.

My fursona will not yiff or RP with anyone, so don't ask. Sorry.

Random friend invites are mostly ok, as long as the profile is visible to me. I love invites from fellow furs. And if you are a furry hater, go ahead and add me too, because that'll be good for the lolz.

Drop me a Comment or chat msg if you want to ask me sonething (my Skype, Xfire, whatever). I just deleted my Facebook account though, so I no longer have that iron ball attached to my leg.
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Q and A about me
Who am I?

Just a wolf. Just a tiny, fluffy, PBR-loving speck in the massive universe of the Internet.

Favorite Quote:

"ALS can kiss my fuzzy butt."
- Tony "Dogbomb" Barrett

Will I trade with you?
No. Only very special close friends may initiate or solicit trades with me. That's a very small and exclusive group of people, and they know who they are. If you're not one of them, I won't trust you enough to make a trade. Want my unusuals, cards, or other items? You can buy them here: . Want my Head Prize fox hat? Sod off. I'll never trade that. Not even to Lord Gaben himself.

Will I join your raffle or giveaway group?
Can Valve count to 3? (That means NO.)

Will I tolerate your drama?
It is a widely-known fact that furries are the overlords of drama. In fact, if you told a friend that furries create incomprehensibly high levels of drama, it would be no different than telling your friend that ♥♥♥♥-punting Ingrid Newkirk into an Olympic-size swimming pool full of radioactive diarrhea is absolutely ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hilarious. Either way, their response would be "Well duh!" Everyone knows that, and everyone knows furries create drama.

That being said, I will not tolerate said drama being directed at me on Steam or any of my other forums. If you need someone to talk to, I'm glad to listen, but don't turn it into a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ of whining and complaining.

Will I role-play or ERP with you?

Unless we're both playing Second Life in the same sim, absolutely not . This includes D&D type roleplay, BDSM, master/slave roleplay. Don't even bother asking. I've had to deal with too much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ because of my stance on this issue, and I'm beyond done with it.

Will I be your "master," "slave," or mate?

Read the previous header.

What is my sexuality?

I'm not sure, at this point. Not that the world needs to know. I've been reading some things and searching myself for the answer, but I've found that I can love anyone. Even if you're a guy and you're gay, if you can make me fall in love with you, I'll do so. Just don't get any wacko ideas. I actually had to block someone who spammed me and caps-locked me to death because I wouldn't RP having gay sex with him after meeting him only a week prior. That's why I don't role-play outside of SL.

Where am I from?

Though I talk like a Brit, I'm from the Empire of Trump.

How furry am I?

I'm about as furry as they come. Completely and totally a fuzzbutt. Nothing wrong with that. I'll spray furry pr0n from time to time, and only in my own servers, but it's harmless, really.

Where do I usually hang out?

Feel free to join my TF2 and Minecraft servers for fun and conga dance parties! Oh, and furry fuzziness too! Join my group and check out the No Rules TF2 website [] for info about the community and server IPs.

How good am I at sniffing out a scam?

Probably one of the best. I use multiple methods to check if an account is legit. If you get added by someone you suspect of being a scammer or phisher, find their Steam ID (using and run it by me. I'll be able to tell for sure whether you should trust them or not. I also keep a private database of suspicious accounts. I'm working on building a website to keep track of this. No promises on that, though. Life, you know.

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