Mifightface = salt in games
Jonathan, Spaghetti, 22   Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands
I'm the proud owner of the 11th floor
And yes, i'm from that one movie everybody seems to like.Also in a stable relation with my PC #Fullbattery .


Do you know what time it is?: I've been...
Do you know what time it is?: YO TIME GUY AKA JACKET TEARING UP DA_PLACE
Do you know what time it is?: ON MIC 2 WE HAVE HAKKAMAN FIGHT FACE
Do you know what time it is?: SPITTIN' DAT FLOW OUR RHYMES SO ILL
Do you know what time it is?: *Drops mic* BRB NETFLIX N' CHIILL

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Welcome to my profile
Jonathan, Dutch, Male, 22, Masterace Lover [steamdb.info]

My fake radio station for GTA V can be found : Here. [vid.me]

If you are a meanie on my profile.

Behave or you will be Caged [puu.sh].

Are you new to my profile this is my Hi

I'm the Hacker that is featured in the new movie Kung fury I can hack you through time.

Watch my sweet tutorial .
I can learn you how to hack items through time

When i'm In game i may respond a bit slow
I don't giveaway my inventory items, (Steam, TF2, Dota, H1Z1 & Other.)
Want to trade ? Offer a trade Here

[url] D: Recovery Drive

E: Cloud Drive

My "BIG" and awesome group
Feel free to join

Motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-H110M
Videocard - Nvidia GTX 970 MINI W/ 4GB VRAM
Case - LC POWER PRO-928b
OS - Windows 10 Education x64
CPU - Intel core i5 6400 2.7 Ghz W/ 8 GB DDR4 RAM
SCREEN - 1920X1080 75 HERTZ
HDD - 1TB.
SSD - 240GB.

Videocard - Nvidia GT 825m W/1GB VRAM
RAM - 6 GB
OS - Windows 10 home edition x64
CPU - Intel Core i5 4210
SCREEN - 1600x900 60 HERTZ
HDD - 1TB W/ 8 GB Cache SSD

I reached 250 games on 03-09-2015 ,I like to thank, Gaben , my steam wallet and Idelemaster
Skype : Jonathan Fabre.
Orgin : Mi_Fight_Face.
Uplay : Mi_Fight_Face.
Battlelog : Mi_Fight_Face. [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Kik : Saymyname784 [kik.me] (give me a kik)
Facebook : facebook.
Youtube : Here.
SteamLadder : Mi_Fight_Face. [steamladder.com]
SocialClub : Mi_Fight_Face. [socialclub.rockstargames.com]
BAD DAY? [www.dennis.video]


Check out my screenshots and tell me what you think
👉 Screenshots

You can find all my random artwork i ever uploaded
👉 Artwork

(credits to SirAlexander for the style)

Amy Winehouse - Rehab (Tom Misch Remix). [soundcloud.com]
GoldLink - Dance On Me (Phazz Remix). [soundcloud.com]
HENNESSY (Feat. West Banks & Maeve Alexander). [soundcloud.com]
Purity Ring - Belispeak ( Slow Valley remix ). [soundcloud.com]
Yearmix 2014 - Wantigga [KLEAR Kollektive]. [soundcloud.com]
Clapclapclap - Tom Misch. [soundcloud.com]
Lianne La Havas - What You Don't Do (Tom Misch Remix) [soundcloud.com]
My playlist click here to listen. [soundcloud.com]


I fooled 7 people with my Hackerman role
Hackerman mi fight face 2035

''The only ass i kiss is [̲̅ V̲̅A̲̅L̲̅V̲̅ᴱ̲̅ ]™''
~mi Fight Face 2015.

''Reign Of Kings is well optimized and has nice grahpics''
~Rozza 2015.

"Gabe.... me... netflix and chill"
~Mi fight face 2015.

"As Mi Fight Face slowly unzipped gaben's cock-hen, the giant greasy schlong of steam emerged out of it, with Fight Face being amazed at it's glory"
~Credits Dazz

GabeN slowly looks down at mi fight face and puts his hand on his face saying : '' Half life 3 confirmed ''...
Before mi fight face could react to the announcement GabeN already has his hand in the pants...

GabeN started to blush and the room became STEAM™Y...
mi fight face opens up and lets gabeN take over...
he slowly grabs his wallet and whispers in his ear... Hot New Summersale...

~Credits Panda Waifu

Moment to never forget
A random person on 9chat gave you fallout 4.


This sums it up pretty good
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Give This Rose ~ To Everyone You Gave Nudes to.
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Give This Rose ~ To Everyone You Gave Nudes to.
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\)¯¯\)¯¯¯'\_„„„,\) <3 Such a welcoming person, I tip my **** to you and wish you a good
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Waar blijft m'n barra met peper?
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