Max   San Mateo, California, United States
Matchu: Dude I love your accent
catfish ////: dude ur hot
catfish ////: like srsly
Jeremy: xD
catfish ////: let me have sex with u

texxy :3 / ^ )>: I should move to canada :3
Jeremy / ^ )>: you need to the girls here
Jeremy / ^ )>: ARE FUCKING
Jeremy / ^ )>: HOT
Jeremy / ^ )>: AND THE GUYS
Jeremy / ^ )>: ARE UGLY
texxy :3 / ^ )>: I'LL HAVE A CHANCE

rosie: i have like
rosie: 3 or 4 days worth of weed
rosie: i'm ready to dive balls deep into autism
Jerrrr: ayy lmao
rosie: i do just the most pointless things for hours
rosie: like
rosie: play runescape
Jerrrr: omg runescapeee
rosie: mostly just runescape\
rosie: speaking of which brb installing runescape

matchu: i will scrim your team alone
matchu: 1v9
matchu: at 830
Jerrrrr: SOunds good
Jerrrrr: Do you need 8 ringers?
matchu: No just send me 8 more computers
Jerrrrr: Alright sounds good
Jerrrrr: here are your computers
Jerrrrr: oops
Jerrrrr: there you go
matchu: I want these
matchu: 8 of them
Jerrrrr: wow is that a gx980 inside?
Jerrrrr: gtx
matchu: yeah dude definitely
Jerrrrr: youre gonna roll us with one of those though :(
matchu: I'll play with one hand behind my back to make it fair
matchu: And I'll let you guys have 2 medics
Jerrrrr: ayy lmao youre the best

Jerrrr #willmakesalpproud: So im in uk and eating fish and chips and its raining, how british is that
salp: are you watching the telly
salp: having a chin wag with yer mum
salp: spilling crumbs on your trousers
Jerrrr #willmakesalpproud: me mum hates me but i am spilling crumbs on me trousers
salp: u twat

Jerrr: Akemi playing for $$ :o
$$.Akemi: Money
Jerrr: W I N
$$.Akemi: First place plat medal is mine
Jerrr: :3333

● | Jerrr 'ringme: I will be playing some later, watching some movies with my girlfriend :P
● | Jerrr 'ringme: Or she will get mad at me :(
Wonton #NotoriousPootie: ohhh okay ;)
Wonton #NotoriousPootie: i understand ;) ;) ;)
● | Jerrr 'ringme: Or I wont get laid next week ;)
Wonton #NotoriousPootie: its okay u got me i'll do u anytime just ask

Jerrr #goneforaweek: We should make you spy xD
*:・゚✧ GO
*:・゚✧ NO
*:・゚✧ NO
*:・゚✧ NO
*:・゚✧ NO
*:・゚✧ NO
*:・゚✧ omg
Jerrr #goneforaweek: :3
*:・゚✧ no
*:・゚✧ LOL
*:・゚✧ dude i would have anxiety
*:・゚✧ i'd be like
*:・゚✧ DO I GO NOW

Jerrrrr: but my accent
Jerrrrr: will land me pussy right
darealyst: ^fuck yeah
darealyst: that accent
Jerrrrr: how on earth does it make girls wet idek
darealyst: cause
darealyst: British accents are considered like..idk, like elite or like foreign
darealyst: OH
darealyst: cause
darealyst: cause
darealyst: British people are considered like gentleman-like
darealyst: like
darealyst: with manners
darealyst: so it sounds cool
darealyst: like high class
darealyst: so yeah
darealyst: #hot
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Large Breain, 4th place god
zoey: ill have u know
zoey: im a massive fragger in toontown golf
zoey: the points i get in matches
zoey: is a reflection of the points i get in gold
zoey: golf

Dantwist: This hidden gem makes me gag for joy!

Bowl: i was listening to lambda and he said hed be right back im gonna take a shit FART
Bowl: like he farted at the perfect time

Competitive Info:


S12: Iron: The Simpleminded (Pyro)
S13: Iron: The Simpleminded (DNF) (Pyro)
S14: Steel: GG (Medic)
S15: Steel: Dave Gibbus Attorney at Law (Medic)
S15: Silver: Dank Elves (Medic)
S15: Silver: The Pokemon League (Medic)
S16: Silver: No.2 Pencils (Medic)
S16: Silver :stars:All Star Medic!!! :stars:
S17: Silver: Retirement Plan (Medic & Leader) 4th Place
S18: Gold: Shadowball (Medic) (Weeks 1-4)
S18: Gold: Papas Peddlers (Weeks 5-11) 3rd Place!
S19: Gold: Shooting Blanks (Medic) 7-1 Regular Season 4th Place
S20: Gold: DOES IT (Medic)
S21: Platinum: The Monastery of Memes (Med)
S22: Silver: Aplbes (Medic) 4th again :(
S23: Platinum: Shooting Blanks (Medic)
S23: Platinum: Dissappointments per Minute (Med) 4th Place
S24: Platinum: Dissappointments per Minute (Medic & Leader)
S24: Silver: Seductive 9 (Week 2 -) (Medic)

S17: Silver: The Tougher Customers (Scout,Pocket, Medic)
S17: Steel: Everyday Girls Day (Medic) (4-4)
S18: Steel: Everyday Girls Day(Now Wewlad) (Medic, Demo, Leader)
S19: Silver: Wewlad (Medic & Leader)
S20: Silver: Perverted Rangers (Medic)
S22: Platinum: Lightning fast VCR Repair (Medic) 4th place
S25: Lethal Voltage (Sub Medic)
S26: Wewin sixes (Medic)
ESEA-O S19: LFT (Medic)
ESEA-O S20: SixSadBoys (Medic)
ESEA-O S21: Perverted Rangers (Medic)
Razer Arena: Animesux (Medic)
Retrospective Tourney S2: Weebs and Memes (Pocket)

S4: Steel: Hail Cooperate (Med)
S5: Gold: Free Gucci 2016 (Med, Whatevers needed)
S6: Gold: Free Gucci 2016 (Med, Demo)
S7: Gold: 1994 Pog Champ (Backup Med)
S8: Silver: Season 2 Iron Champs (Med) 4th place AGAIN :(

Ready Steady Pan
Retrospective Tourney S2:Digiornios Pizza Pan

TLAN 2015(Toronto)
TLAN 2015 (Xmas Edition)

Ring me, combo classes, solly and Egnis
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That's one expensive shirt Jesus Christ
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Happy 100 snap streak lean cup boy
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I belong on top here, you peons
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I like being dead