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houston we are gaming Oct 23 @ 9:13pm 
ACT I. Scene I.
The zoo. An orangutan enclosure.

Enter LE MONKE, a corpulent ape.

Oh bother, a foul smell!
Fecal matter!
Ha-ha-ha, hilarious, defecate material.

The ape laughs continuously. It screeches vociferously.

Hooray for excrement! Congenial fecal matter! Defecation is jocular, ha-ha!
Fecal matter pertains to my satisfaction, ho-ho.

The maniacal creature continues to shriek vehemently in a nonsensical fashion.

Oh bother-- I believe, perchance, I may have created indurated excrement originating from my posterior.

The wretched creation begins to chortle ominously.

Fecal matter in my trousers... without undergarments! This is exhilarating.
By the nine divines, my undergarments are stained with excrement. Ho-ho-ho.
We yearn for fecal matter! We yearn for fecal matter!

Fecal matter.

Exeunt omnes.
don. Oct 16 @ 1:33am 
+rep uber cool part of the komp kiddie klub along with jia, zias, gumdrop, and coda
Oct 16 @ 1:26am 
+rep super cool part of the epic comp group (Jia, zias, Gumdrop and hazza)
Igor_S Oct 13 @ 3:53am 
mutegod all repsect from me
don. Oct 11 @ 4:35pm 
+rep part of the komp kiddie klub along with jia and zias
mtin | jarry Aug 30 @ 11:47pm