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Musician, programmer, game designer. Former administrator, caster, logistics, scheduler.

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[1:35:45 PM] MR SLIN: mana confirmed best wingman 2013

mgemike: who the *** are you m8 u wanna go

Alleal: The TF2 audience better be the loudest. I think Mana is going so we're already halfway there.

3:13 PM - XTS // Ma3laa› :o3 * ZOWIE: ROFL
3:13 PM - XTS // Ma3laa› :o3 * ZOWIE: good guy mana
3:13 PM - XTS // Ma3laa› :o3 * ZOWIE: might take penis for me
3:13 PM - XTS // Ma3laa› :o3 * ZOWIE: what a guy

huhy: i knew i should message you
huhy: you are my talisman

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
You suck ass at Engineer
No really, you do
- Love, Tery"

TF2 Competitive History
ETF2L HL Community Challenge - Ø
UGC Steel 6s S10 - Anti-Personnel
/r/reddittf2league 6s S2 - Bunnie Backcaps
/r/reddittf2league 6s S2 All Stars
ESEA-O 6s S13 - Radical Rhinos
UGC Steel HL S9 - Terrifically Villainous
/r/reddittf2league 6s S3 - NSYNC
ESEA-O 6s S14 - Lettuce Play, Get Netflixed, The Scoop Troop, Your Move
UGC Platinum HL S10 - 2feet (backup)
/r/reddittf2league 6s S4 - Mortagged Up
ESEA-O 6s S15 - This is a team
Sacramento LANFest Spring 2013 - Shocka Flocka Flame
ETF2L Prem 6s S16 - reverto (backup)
CEVO-M 6s S4 - Flash Sharks (backup)
ESEA-IM 6s S16 - Flash Sharks (backup)
UGC Gold HL S11 - Catgirl Cafe and the Purrfect Portions (backup)
ESEA-O 6s S16 - No Expectations (PUG team)
CEVO-O 6s S4 - Ducks Per Interface (backup)
Sacramento LANFest Fall 2014 - Ducks Per Interface
BeachCon LAN 9 - CAPACAPA CAPNFAPN (champions)
ESEA-O 6s S17 - Thigh High Socks
CEVO-O 6s S5 - Thigh High Socks by Rastsy Gaming
UGC Silver HL S13 - Tuturu Esports
The eXtv GXL Invitational presented by Corsair Gaming - Goo On Your Chin
UGC Platinum 6s S14 - Subliminal
ESEA-O 6s S18 - Squid Squad
ESEA-IM 6s S19 - Mumble Robots
ESEA-O 6s S22 - No Johns (backup)
ESEA-O 6s S23 - BLANC Lite (backup)
ESEA-IM 6s S24 - BLANC Esports (backup)
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